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Do I Need an Insulated Garage Door in California?

You live in an area that offers near-perfect weather conditions. Most of the country can only dream of the temperatures experienced in the Bakersfield, CA region. Above-freezing temperatures in the winter and 70’s in the fall and spring make you wonder why anyone would consider insulated garage doors. Are they worth it? A Look at the Weather Let’s first consider the season we haven’t mentioned. Summers in California bring temperatures of up to 100 degrees. Then, let’s go back to those winter temperatures. While they may stay above freezing most of the time, 40 degrees is still fairly cool. It’s […]

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When Do I Need a New Garage Door?

Your garage door is a key aspect of your home’s exterior. It’s also integrated into your daily activities. Homeowners typically take both of these facts for granted. If you’re like many homeowners, you may miss signs you need a new garage door. This is because homeowners often overlook garage doors until they no longer work. Once the door starts experiencing problems, homeowners wonder if they should repair or replace the door. Some even ignore the issue and simply hope the door continues to function. Others are unhappy with the appearance of their garage door but don’t want to spend the […]

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How to Make Your Garage More Energy-Efficient

We are in the midst of a green revolution. New technologies allow people to live comfortable lives powered by sustainable energy sources. Solar panels, wind energy and electric vehicles have all helped to reduce our carbon footprint and make us less dependent on non-renewable fossil fuels. According to the International Energy Agency, global renewable energy consumption rose from 13.2% of total energy in 2012 to 22% in 2013. Further, they estimate that that number will reach 26% in 2020.

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How to Make a Garage Door More Secure

There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to garage doors. Of course, we want them to look beautiful, seeing as a garage door is an essential part of any home’s curb appeal. We also want them to work correctly. What could be worse than coming home in the rain with a trunk full of groceries, only to find your garage door won’t open? If we have children or pets, we want to feel confident that our door’s safety features are up to par, as a malfunctioning garage door can cause significant injury. But perhaps most importantly, […]

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Yearly Garage Door Maintenance Plan

Not many people give much consideration to their garage doors, but as a maintenance and repair company specializing in garage doors and automatic garage door openers, we believe it’s one of the most important features of your house. Your garage door: Is the primary point of entry and exit for large items, like furniture, and often you and your family Contributes to insulating your house from extreme temperatures Protects your car or anything else you choose to store in the garage from the elements Allows you to avoid direct exposure to the elements as you and your family come and […]

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Signs Your Garage Door Needs Maintenance or Repair

  Garage doors have become an essential convenience in most American homes. In fact, according to a recent U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development survey, 80 percent of American homes have either a garage or a carport. Additionally, as materials and mechanics improve, garage doors have become more durable. However, even the most durable and well-installed garage door will occasionally require either maintenance or repair. It’s important you get any garage door issues repaired as soon as possible. While malfunctioning doors may be costly to repair, leaving them in disrepair not only risks further and more expensive damage, but […]

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