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King Door Company Traffic Door Features

With many of the desired features of typical high-speed doors, traffic doors from King Door Company offer the utility of a standard high-speed door with the convenience of a door that rolls away easily to allow traffic to flow through freely. Traffic doors offer excellent durability and reliability at an affordable price. Traffic doors are ideal for stand-alone high-traffic applications, in dock applications where security is not a concern, and as a door behind-a-door when security is important.


A commercial traffic door is the perfect addition to any workspace where your areas need to be separated, but regular flow between those areas needs to be unimpeded for extended lengths of time. Traffic doors from King Door Company roll up quickly into a coil when necessary, getting them out of the way so people and goods can come through easily.

A traffic door is a tough vinyl traffic door that is durable, reliable, affordable and well-suited to industrial, warehouse and other business applications.

Commercial Traffic Door Benefits

The benefits of a commercial traffic door from King Door Company are many. These doors are more rigid than typical traffic doors, with painted, structural steel angle guides for greater side impact protection and aluminum wind beams to minimize fabric deflection when wind or negative pressure is a factor.

Traffic doors are E-Z Reset doors, meaning they are easily reset back into their guides. No wasting time fumbling around to reset the doors, or waiting for a service technician to come down before being able to resume the work day.

Traffic doors from King Door Company open and close fast, with an average speed of 17” per second for maximum efficiency, and come with a wireless reversing edge that automatically sends the door back to the up position without any cords or reels.

Rolling Traffic Door Options

Not only are King Door Company traffic doors affordable, easy to use, convenient and efficient, but they are also customizable, so you can get just the look you want out of your traffic doors. Your King Door Company traffic door can come with hood, head plates, door guides and/or bottom bar.

Also optional is a vision panel for higher visibility in high-traffic environments, and a hood roll-formed from hot-dipped galvanized steel. If you’ve got some specific ideas for what you want to see in your King Door Company traffic door, let us know. We at King Door Company are always happy to do whatever we can to accommodate you.

Find Your Ideal Traffic Door Today

Coiling traffic doors are a great solution for a wide variety of businesses, from schools and restaurants to manufacturing and healthcare. These doors can improve safety, worker productivity and all-around efficiency, all at prices well worth the value. If you’ve purchased doors from King Door Company before, you know that King Door Company is a name you can trust, driven by a passion to make sure every customer is satisfied with their purchase.

If you think a quality traffic door from King Door Company may be right for you, come on down to our showroom and take a look for yourself in person, or contact us for a consultation on the best approach for traffic doors for your business today.