At King Door Company, Inc., we’re proud to provide high-performance doors for farms and related facilities. We work with you to customize doors that serve your needs and meet the agricultural industry’s standards. With our designs, you can create a safer environment with more efficient and productive operations. 

Door Standards for Agricultural Industries

Agricultural doors must provide access to buildings, control the movement of people, animals or equipment and safeguard against environmental elements. For this reason, the industry provides regulations and guidelines to address: 

  • Safety: Agricultural doors must be made of durable materials and constructions. The doors may include proper locking mechanisms, provide fire resistance and withstand the harshest weather conditions to offer protection from intruders and many outdoor elements, including wind, dust and pests.
  • Efficiency: Agricultural doors must provide access to sheds, greenhouses, barns and other farm facilities as needed. The doors may include high-speed mechanisms and quick operators to ensure a smooth flow of tasks and operations.
  • Productivity: Agricultural doors must fit the right dimensions to accommodate large machinery such as tractors, planters and harvesters. The doors may offer customization opportunities to provide the right sizing for quick access, use and storage of devices or equipment.

Why Choose Agricultural High-Speed Doors in Bakersfield?

King Door Company, Inc. is proud to provide high-speed overhead doors for the agriculture industry. Our professionals listen to your needs and use a collaborative process to customize the best designs for your facility. 

We offer doors with heavy-duty materials to keep up with your workplace’s demands and withstand weather conditions. We can add additional features, including resistance to fire, wind and smoke, to promote better longevity for your investment over time. 

You can select insulated doors to keep temperatures consistent. This capability is necessary to maintain product quality, keep animals comfortable and increase your energy efficiency — better air control can help you achieve your sustainability and saving goals.

Additionally, you can choose a selection of security enhancements. We offer safeguards, such as photo-eye sensors and safety reversing systems, to prevent injuries or equipment damage. 

Benefits of Agricultural Roll-Up Doors in Bakersfield

If you’d like to maximize valuable space at your farm or facility, you can count on King Door Company, Inc. to provide your solution. We’re a leading choice for agricultural doors in Bakersfield, California and surrounding areas. 

Our commercial rolling doors can fit in tight spaces or tuck away when they’re not in use. When they raise and lower, they deliver the speed you need throughout daily operations. 

You can work with our experts to customize rolling service doors, roll-up sheet doors, rolling counter shutters and rolling security grilles for your facility. We offer durable options made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum in the exact dimensions you need for your building. 

Contact King Door Company, Inc. for High-Performance Doors in the Agricultural Industry

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