Glass Garage Doors

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When you’re in the market for a new garage door for your Kern County, California, home, you probably think of products made from traditional materials such as wood or steel. However, did you know you can purchase a garage door made of glass? More architects and homeowners are choosing glass garage doors to achieve a sleek, modern look for the home’s exterior. Glass has a way of making a residence appear warm and inviting — and a glass garage door will surely attract the attention of passersby.

Are Glass Garage Doors Safe?

Safety is a primary concern when considering a glass garage door for your home. You’re probably wondering if the glass will hold up against the impact of severe storms and hail. What would happen if someone accidentally runs into the door with a vehicle? Won’t it be easier for people — including burglars — to see inside?

While it’s true that glass garage doors aren’t as impact-resistant as those made from metal or wood, they’re less dangerous than you probably think. You can purchase a door made with tempered glass, which is a form of safety glass that’s chemically or thermally treated to enhance its strength and durability. It’s much tougher than untreated standard glass. You’ll find tempered glass in car windows and shower doors, and it even serves as a component in bulletproof glass.


Although tempered glass isn’t shatterproof, it does over a distinct advantage over traditional glass. When it shatters, it creates particles that are much smaller and not nearly as sharp, which significantly reduces the risk of injury. To alleviate privacy concerns, you can choose from various forms of frosted, tinted or mirrored glass to keep people from seeing inside your garage.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Garage Doors?

Homeowners in Kern County and elsewhere are choosing glass doors for a variety of reasons:

  • Natural lighting: The transparency of glass doors enables sunlight to enter and brighten an otherwise dreary garage space. You also won’t need to use the interior electric lighting as much, which will lower your utility bills.
  • Curb appeal: Glass creates a clear, modern appearance that will make your home more attractive. It can also make it more appealing to prospective buyers when you put your home on the market, which can increase the resale value.
  • Customization: Glass doors are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, allowing you to achieve the ideal look that complements your home’s exterior decor.
  • Low maintenace: Glass garage doors typically consist of aluminum frames that resist rust and don’t require protective coatings. The only preventive maintenance steps involve wiping the glass panels periodically to remove dirt and smudges.

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