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Commercial Garage Doors

Commercial Doors in Kern and Tulare County, CA

Choosing doors for your business is one in a series of important decisions you make as a business owner. Whether your business deals in retail, storage, agriculture or something in between, you want to leave at night knowing your assets are covered by the best commercial garage doors on the market today. The door you select will impact your business’s security — it will protect against break-ins, unexpected weather and, in the worst of cases, it can even minimize damage from fire.

Choosing the right door can be challenging. You need to consider a number of factors, from cost to quality. When you devote the time and resources to selecting a high-quality door, you invest in your business and its success down the road, and that’s an investment worth making.

Once you’ve identified the need to purchase a new door, then it’s time to figure out what you need. Understanding what kind of door you desire — based on the type of business you own as well as your location — will help you to focus your search and find what you need in a timely manner.

Types of Commercial Doors

There are different types of doors on the market today, so what you choose often comes down to your business’s needs and budget. You may need a “full view” door if you’re selecting one for a restaurant or store. Or you may prefer an industrial-grade door for a warehouse or storage facility. Of course, you’ll likely also want to consider the wide range of energy-efficient options and how they can protect everything inside your business. From roll-up to fire-proof doors, you can find all the examples to help you make a decision in Kern County and Tulare County, CA.

1. Architectural Commercial Garage Doors

Architectural designs are the commercial garage doors you frequently see used by a mechanic or car dealer — someone who wants you to see into their space to feature what’s going on inside. They feature large windows that let in a lot of natural light, and they can improve the appearance of your building’s exterior, which is important if you have customers coming in and out all day long.

2. Energy Series Commercial Garage Doors

The Clopay® Energy Series includes energy-efficient commercial garage doors designed to hold up in demanding climates, preventing heat from transferring into your interior spaces. These doors are ideal for warehouse and shipping facilities because of their ability to guard your interior against extreme temperatures.

3. Counter Shutter Commercial Garage Doors

While these aren’t technically “doors,” counter shutters are used to protect counters and spaces inside of your business after hours, such as in a pharmacy, cafeteria or concession stand. These aren’t fire-proof but are durable enough to prevent someone from entering the space after hours.

4. Service Commercial Garage Doors

Service doors are manufactured by lacing together metal slats to create a steel curtain. These doors are primarily used to provide security or protection from the weather in a variety of business and commercial applications. You might see service doors in an airport or on a loading dock.

5. Security Grille Commercial Garage Doors

Places that still need to be visually accessible and open for ventilation typically employ security grilles, including:

  • Retail locations
  • Convention centers
  • Schools

These grilles can come in a roll-up option or open side-to-side. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that they will stand strong and protect your spaces by preventing someone from entering off-limits spaces after hours.

6. Roll-Up Commercial Garage Doors

Frequently used in storage facilities in Bakersfield, CA, these metal roll-up doors are relatively lightweight and provide security, too. These doors are made by fusing together pieces of steel or aluminum to create the whole sheet that rolls up vertically. They are tough but flexible and can be purchased with insulated or fire options as well. For our clients looking for fireproof doors in the Bakersfield, Ca., area, Clopay also offers a roll-up fireproof option.

Uses for Commercial Doors

Each business has different needs and should consider how its doors will be used when selecting the ones that are the best fit for them. While businesses specializing in shipping, storage and mechanical production may easily incorporate a garage door into their business design, the possibilities don’t stop here. Even businesses that wouldn’t normally think about including a garage door in their design can benefit from making this switch. All you need to do is picture the possibilities.


1. Increasing Light Through a Garage Door

The more natural light you have, the less you spend on energy costs to light your space. Commercial garage doors can bring a lot of natural light to any space. You’re most likely to see this in a car dealership where they keep the doors down most of the time but can raise them to bring vehicles in and out of the showroom. But this can also have applications for restaurants, hotels and any business that wants more natural light in its main spaces.

2. Dividing Spaces With a Garage Door

Commercial garage doors, especially architectural ones with a lot of windows, are a great alternative to walls and dividers, particularly in a hotel setting. Consider using a door in place of a divider between banquet rooms or your hotel’s pool area and other common spaces. These doors let in a lot more light, and they can showcase the beauty and unique decor among different areas of your hotel, making it appear more open and inviting without giving up the division you need between spaces.

3. Opening up Indoor and Outdoor Options With a Garage Door

A garage door in the gym? Yes! Installing a commercial garage door allows you to offer your clients indoor and outdoor workout spaces. By incorporating a door into your workout space, you can add sunrise yoga classes — even on days when the temperature makes it too cold or hot to actually open the door.

4. Securing Areas With a Garage Door

There may be certain parts of your business that you don’t want accessible during off hours or certain times of the day. Roll-up doors or grilles can be handy when it comes to keeping spaces secure and off limits. Using these types of doors allows you to show customers or clients when you aren’t available but still provides access to other common areas, such as a waiting room. These doors can also be installed to separate areas within your business to protect your people and valuables in case of a fire.

5. Adding Seating to Restaurants With a Garage Door

Similar to the concept we suggested for gyms and yoga studios, a commercial garage door can be used in a restaurant to provide the option to offer outdoor dining to customers during good weather. When you select doors that complement the style of your restaurant, the door can also become a beautiful design feature for your space.

Parts of Commercial Doors

Deciding what you want to use the door for is a big step. Once you make that decision, there are a number of practical options you need to consider.

1. Garage Door Design

Doors typically come in one of three options:

  • Sectional entryway: A door divided into sections connected by hinges
  • Sheet design: A door that goes up and down in one section and isn’t as common as a sectional entryway
  • Rolling grille: A door divided into sections smaller than the sectional doors that contract into a barrel shape when they go up

When selecting a design, pay careful attention to the architecture of your building. While you certainly need to consider size and insulation — as we’ll discuss — you also need to make sure you select a door that is in keeping with the design and function of your building. This is especially important if you expect to have customers and clients in and out of your business on a regular basis. The appearance of your facility will say a lot about how you do business.

2. Garage Door Size and Clearance

When you select a door, you should consider the size of the door you want as well as the size of the opening and space around it. While it’s always best to have a professional come out and measure before the door is ordered, you also need to have an understanding of the components involved in determining the size and fit of any commercial garage door.

Besides simply measuring the opening itself, you also need to measure the sideroom, or the space on either side of the opening, as well as the space from the top of the door to the ceiling, called the headroom. And don’t forget to account for the lift clearance, or the amount of space between where the bottom of the door’s track will rest and where the top of the door will hang.

3. Garage Door Insulation

This one is especially important since most commercial garage doors are used along exterior walls. Insulation is commonly measured and indicated by a door’s R-Value, which measures how well a door can slow down heat transmission. However, the Door & Access Systems Manufacturers Association International recommends paying close attention to a door’s U-Value, which is the measurement of how much heat flows through the door. The difference between R-Value and U-Value is that the first measures the door’s insulation abilities, while the second takes into account the entire entry during testing.

In some cases, you may see information that references a door’s K-Value. This measurement refers to the insulation in the door itself, rather than the door’s ability to slow down the transmission of heat. The K-Value of a door will depend on the material used to provide insulation.

How to Choose the Best Commercial Door for Your Business

It might be tempting to pick the first door you see that looks good or fits in your price range. But there’s more to it than that. There are certain criteria you want to follow when evaluating a garage door, both to determine the quality of the door and its benefits to you.

1. Garage Door Appearance

As we mentioned before, selecting a door that fits well with the architecture of your building is important. In some cases, especially if the door is on the front exterior of your building, it will be the first thing your customers or clients see when they arrive. First impressions, although sometimes deceiving, can stick around for a long time. So make a good first impression by selecting a high-quality door that is in keeping with the look and design of your business.

2. Garage Door Cost of Maintenance

This one isn’t always so cut and dry. Certain types of doors require more upkeep than others, especially if you use them frequently. Others, such as rolling grilles, are relatively maintenance-free. While it’s always important to select the door that’s the best fit for your business, make sure to plan for the time it will take to maintain the door.

3. Garage Door Durability

Durability refers to how long the door will last once it’s installed. This will vary depending on the type of door you select as well as how frequently you employ it. Even a sturdy door will experience a lot of wear and tear if it’s being moved multiple times a day. So, if you anticipate heavy use for your door, make sure to select a model that will be durable enough to hold up to that level of use without breaking or quickly wearing out. Choosing a high-quality manufacturer like Clopay is one way to protect yourself.

4. Garage Door Initial Cost

This is often the deciding factor when it comes to selecting commercial garage doors. Cost of doors will vary, depending on:

  • The style you choose
  • Insulation
  • The number of windows in the door
  • The size you need for the space you have

Knowing your budget up front is important so you can choose the best door possible.

5. Garage Door Operation

Consider how you want to open and close the door you select. In many cases, commercial doors are large enough that you’ll want to open them mechanically. However, some people do prefer to select a manual operation, especially in cases where the doors are smaller. This might be more practical, for example, if you’re choosing shutters for a counter at a pharmacy.

Why Choose King Door?

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