Garage Door Products & Repair

King Door Co., Inc. has repaired every type of garage door, and garage door opener.  Our repair service includes your annual All-Point Safety Inspection. We can also replace damaged springs, drums, and rollers, replace broken or damaged panels, and replace door openers and receivers.

Garage Door Repair


For more than 33 years our family owned business has been repairing, maintaining and installing garage doors in Kern County. We specialize in high end and customized garage doors. Our technicians are professionally trained to solve and repair garage doors from the most complex to the most simple and common repairs.

Off Tracks or Unbalanced


Garage doors will come off track for one of several reasons including, earthquakes, getting bumped, or from constant wear and tear. Our technicians can repair damaged tracks, balance and align your entire garage door system so that it is operating like new.

Broken Spring or Cables 


Due to normal wear and tear of the pressure and weight of the garage door, springs will eventually lose force or break. Our technicians can adjust the tension of older springs or replace them.  We can get a service tech to your home the same day and we’ll haul away your old broken spring at no cost.

Drums & Rollers


The constant stress and movement of the garage door can cause cables to become loose or break. Our service technicians have cables and drums in stock and can repair or replace them and getting your system back up and running.

Door Openers

LiftMaster® Openers

LiftMaster® continues to manufacture and design products that make home access easier, and put you in control of how you go out of your home and come back. Their latest advances like MyQ® Technology, Security+ 2.0, Battery Backup and the specially designed P3 Motors allow their products to best serve your specific needs while keeping you safe and connected at all times.

Damaged Panels


Inclement weather and accidents can cause damage to garage door panels. We can replace a single panel without having to replace the entire door. We carry many types of panels in stock. Call today to see if we have your panel in stock or to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

king door lubricant can

Out and about your day driving running errands and taking the kids to school or soccer practice and instantly you drive up to your home to face your noisy garage door again.  The screeching, banging, and groaning can become an embarrassment that sets you on edge…

Unfortunately, that’s just what garage doors do after time. This is a surprisingly common homeowners experience with noisy garage doors.  They expect to live with the noise because they don’t think there is an easy low cost solution.

Luckily for them, those moans and screams don’t have to be permanent.  In fact, they are warning that the garage door is desperately in need of lubrication.  Ordering the wrong type of lubricant could mean damaging your system after a period of time.  We recommend King Door’s Heavy-Duty Garage Door/Opener Lubricant and Rust Prevention spray.  Lab and customer tested and approved!

Once that noisy garage door is properly lubed, you can return the rest of your day.


gargage door eye beam

The unique & elegant solution to hide your garage eyebeem wire.

Avoid getting cshocked, hide away wires and get a professional look. Te p cover plate and conduit kit proves the most professional finish availbale today by concieling the garage door photo eye wires from sensor back to the wall. Avasible at King Door 7450 Distercit Blvd. Bakersfield.

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