Is your Bakersfield, California home’s garage door showing signs of wear? Has it experienced damage due to a vehicle or other collision? Wondering if you can replace just the garage door panels? The good news is you may not need to replace the entire door to restore its attractiveness and functionality — it’s often just the bottom panels that incur damage due to their proximity to the ground.

A garage door bottom-panel replacement can offer a more affordable alternative for your home.

How Do I Know If a Garage Door Panel Replacement is the Best Alternative for My Home?

damaged-garage-doorsA panel replacement may be your best option when only one or two panels are worn or damaged. The cost of replacing several panels may approach that of a new door, which typically makes a total door replacement a better choice in this situation.

You’ll also need to make sure the manufacturer still offers replacement garage door panels for your model — panels for older garage doors may no longer be available. What’s more, if your garage door is worn or faded, a single-panel garage door repair or replacement probably won’t provide the perfect color match, which will likely detract from the appearance of the rest of the door.

It’s also possible the damage to your garage door panel may negatively impact its entire functionality — and in a case like that, replacing the panel will not correct the problem. Replacing a single panel could jeopardize the door’s structural integrity, making it more difficult or even unsafe to operate.

A damaged garage door panel replacement is usually just a temporary fix. You’ll likely need to replace the entire door at some point. However, you can use this technique to extend the life of your existing door a little longer.

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The Garage Door Bottom-Panel Replacement Process

Replacing a garage door panel is a multi-step process that requires specific knowledge and a solid mechanical aptitude. In addition to selecting a compatible panel for your door, you’ll need to ensure the panel fits properly so that it will not negatively impact the function of your garage door opener and the rest of the operating system.

Consult the Garage Door Panel Replacement Professionals at King Door

If you’re a Kern County, California homeowner who needs help with replacing a garage door panel, contact the garage door pros at King Door Company. We’ve been providing cost-effective, highly-reliable garage door service to residents in Bakersfield and beyond since 1985.

We have the expertise to handle any garage door repair or replacement project. We’ll inspect and evaluate your entire garage door system to make sure a panel replacement is your best option.

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King Door features high-quality residential and commercial doors, and we know how to fix a bent garage door panel or replace it if needed. We’re experts at garage door repair and garage door. panel replacement — and we’ll ensure the new panel improves the appearance of your garage door without jeopardizing its structural integrity.

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