Is your Bakersfield, Calif., home’s garage door showing signs of wear? Has it experienced damage due to a vehicle or other collision? Wondering if you can replace just the garage door panels? Luckily, it is possible to replace the panels rather than the entire door, maintaining the appearance and function of your garage. Experts most often make bottom panel replacements, since those sections are closer to the ground and incur more damage, but they can replace any broken or damaged panel.

Whether you want to touch up your garage’s facade or you need to repair your door, a garage door bottom-panel replacement can offer a more affordable alternative for your home.

How Do I Know If a Garage Door Panel Replacement Is the Best Alternative for My Home?

A panel replacement may be your best option when only one or two panels have become worn or damaged. If you have issues with many or most of the panels on your door, however, individual garage panel replacement may not be the best decision. The cost of replacing several panels may approach that of a new door, which typically makes a total door replacement a better choice in this situation.

You’ll also need to make sure the manufacturer still offers replacement garage door panels for your model — manufacturers may not produce panels for older garage doors anymore. What’s more, if your garage door is worn or faded, a single-panel garage door repair or replacement probably won’t provide the perfect color match, which will likely detract from the appearance of the rest of the door.

It’s also possible the damage to your garage door panel may affect the garage door’s function — and in a case like that, replacing the panel will not correct the problem. A total door replacement will maintain the structural integrity and ensure your door is easy and safe to operate.

Conversely, you may have minor cosmetic damage that you can fix with proper maintenance. Contact a professional for consultation on:

  • Scratches
  • Dents
  • Rust
  • Cracks
  • Warping
  • Other small issues

Repairing vs. Replacing Garage Door Panels

An expert can tell you whether you can repair the minor damage on your garage door panels, or if you should replace the entire panel. If the damage is cosmetic, some simple fixes will have your door looking new again. Extensive damage requires extra care, since it could affect how your garage door operates.

A damaged garage door panel replacement is usually just a temporary fix. You’ll likely need to replace the entire door at some point. However, you can use this technique to prolong the life of your door, especially for bottom panels that have more contact with the ground.

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Can I Replace Damaged Garage Door Panels?

Are you wondering how to replace garage door panels on your own? While you could try to handle your garage door panel replacement yourself, we’d only recommend doing so if you have extensive knowledge and experience with garage door panel repair. A garage is a delicate mechanical system that could become dangerous if you repair it incorrectly. It’s best to stick with professional help.


At King Door, we have over 30 years of experience with garage panel replacement and other repairs. Trust our professional technicians to handle your garage door panels instead of making it a DIY job and risking damage to your garage door or injury to yourself and others.

How to Replace Garage Door Panels

No matter what caused the damage or need for replacement, there are a few key details you need to know about your door when replacing a panel. Providing accurate information will help ensure the replacement panel is the correct part for your door. To find the right panel, you should know:

  • The dimensions of the panel
  • The model of the door
  • The color of the door
  • The door’s serial number

You should contact a garage door professional who can help you identify the correct replacement panel. Purchasing the wrong panel could damage your garage door system, as well as wasting your valuable time and money, so you must choose the correct pieces to replace damaged garage door panels. Remember that it may be more difficult to find panels for older models, and if you have a door that is no longer in production, you may have to choose a new garage door instead. So be sure to call King Door for your panel replacements. Let the professionals handle it.

How Much Does Garage Door Panel Replacement Cost?

Garage door bottom-panel replacement cost will vary depending on where you live, which is typical for any garage repair service. In general, the cost of garage door panel replacement also varies based on:

  • How many panels you replace
  • What model of door you have
  • How long the panel is

As we mentioned above, it’s best to choose garage panel replacement when only one or two panels have noticeable damage. If a majority of your panels are in bad shape, the cost of your garage door panel replacement could be more than a new door.

If you’re in search of professionals to replace your damaged garage door panels, contact us at King Door for a quote. Getting garage door replacement panels is worth the cost, since it keeps you and your property safe and improves the appearance of your garage.

The Garage Door Bottom-Panel Replacement Process

Curious how professionals replace garage door panels? Replacing a garage door panel is a multi-stage process carried out by professionals with extensive mechanical experience. In addition to selecting a compatible panel for your door, a King Door professional will ensure that the panel fits properly, so it will not negatively impact the function of your garage door opener and the rest of the operating system. The steps of replacing garage panels include the following.

  1. Preparing the site: A professional will begin by putting your garage door in the down position. To prevent anyone from accidentally opening the door as they work on it, the repair person may also turn off power to the automatic door opener. The technician may then carefully remove the springs in the system to prevent other accidents.
  2. Removing the damaged panel: A repair tech equipped with specialized tools and knowledge will either separate the panels or remove another panel to access the damaged one if necessary. They will then detach the damaged panel from the hinges that connect it to other panels.
  3. Replacing the panel: Once the damaged panel is gone, the expert will slide the new panel into place and reattach the hinges. They will then manually open the garage door to reattach the system’s springs and ensure the new panel is functioning correctly.
  4. Matching the new panel to the old:Finally, to ensure the new garage panel replacement fits in with the existing pieces, you or the professional can refinish or repaint the piece or the whole garage door.

With proper installation, your new garage door panel will blend in with the existing panels and help the door function a while longer.

Consult the Garage Door Panel Replacement Professionals at King Door

If you’re a Kern County, Calif., homeowner who needs a garage panel replacement, contact the garage door pros at King Door Company. We’ve been providing cost-effective, highly reliable garage door service to residents in Bakersfield and beyond since 1985.

We have the expertise to handle any garage door repair or replacement project. We’ll inspect and evaluate your entire garage door system to make sure a panel replacement is the smartest choice.

We’re Your Kern County, CA Headquarters for Garage Door Replacement Panels

We’re Your Kern County, CA Headquarters for Garage Door Replacement Panels

King Door features high-quality residential and commercial doors, and we know how to fix a bent garage door panel or replace it if needed. We’re experts at garage door repair and garage door panel replacement — and we’ll ensure the new panel improves the appearance of your garage door without jeopardizing its structural integrity.

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