Are you looking to declutter your garage? King Door offers the Versa Lift, the best way to organize your home and get the most from your attic space. This motorized attic lift is easy to use and gives you instant access to hard-to-reach storage areas. Install a Versa Lift with King Door Company, Inc. today and get your space back.

What Is the Versa Lift?

The Versa Lift is a multifaceted attic lift for all your storage needs. If your garage, closet or other areas are filling with clutter, a Versa Lift provides convenient access to valuable attic space for storage. It acts as an elevator for your belongings, allowing you to move boxes and items of all sizes up to and down from your attic with the push of a button. These lifts come in two models: the Versa Lift Model 24 and Model 32. 

Attic lifts for storage are safer and more convenient than ladders — no more heavy lifting or balancing unwieldy items on a narrow staircase or ladder! Easy attic storage also offers flood protection, keeping your valuable items at the highest point in your home and out of the way of potential water damage.

The best way to organize your home and garage, get easy access

to your valuable attic space without heavy lifting


Save on Storage • Convenient • User Friendly • Affordable • Easy to Install Safer than Ladders • Saves Your Back • Out of Sight when not in use


How Does the Versa Lift Work?

This garage storage elevator is easy to install and use. The Versa Lift can be installed in an opening in the ceiling of your garage or other room, much like the opening of a folding attic ladder.

To use the Versa Lift, load the lifting platform. Place your decorations, heavy equipment, tools, or other items on the lift, which can hold up to 200 or 250 lbs depending on the model you choose. With the push of a button from a corded, in-wall, or wireless remote, the lift will retract into the attic or descend from the ceiling. You can efficiently move your items to another floor of your house without the hassle of heavy lifting.


Benefits of a Motorized Attic Lift

The Motorized attic lifts are a storage solution with a wide range of benefits for any home or facility offered by King Door.

  • Power: The Versa Lift provides superior strength and lifting power when you need it most. Efficiently move heavy or bulky items between floors while protecting your back!
  • Convenience: Your attic has plenty of storage space but it may be difficult to access. The Versa Lift makes it easier than ever to reach your attic and take full advantage of your available space. The Versa Lift can be installed into your existing home or build it into a new house.
  • Safety: Versa Lift elevators are safer for your back and your belongings than moving items with traditional ladders. Auto-stop and auto-close features ensure your Versa Lift operates safely within your home.
  • Versatility: The Versa Lift comes in two different models with three control options to suit your home or facility. It has the flexibility to carry a wide range of loads and items.

Enjoy the Versa Lift Experience by Calling King Door

King Door exclusively offers the Versa Lift and is the only Clopay® Dealer in Kern County, offering the highest-quality products for all your residential and commercial garage needs. Our team provides fast and efficient same-day service for our entire community with trained technicians, and we have the largest showroom in the area. If you want to make the most of your attic space and declutter your home, contact us online or call us at (661) 397-2744 about installing a new Versa Lift today.


“Two days after I completed the installation of the Versa Lift, my garage is in much better order.  Due to your ingenious invention, I have moved my car jack and jack stands to the attic I just built in the garage.  I have also moved several baby seats, seven large cartons of Christmas decorations, some loose lumber and odd assorted boxes of stuff I can’t bring myself to part with.  I have also relocated several boxes full of old Harley parts up there too.  All that moving, and my back is still intact, which under normal conditions would be killing me by now… The Versa Lift is very sturdy, very well designed.  It is one of the best investments I have made for my house.”

– Ken J.

“By the way, we are very happy with the unit.  Both my wife and I have physical limitations that make carrying things up the ladder into the attic both difficult and dangerous.  Having just moved into this house, we have had to move upwards of 3,000 lbs of stuff up into the attic, which has been a breeze with the lift.”

– Bob G.




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