The best way to organize your home and garage, get easy access

to your valuable attic space without heavy lifting


Save on Storage • Convenient • User Friendly • Affordable • Easy to Install Safer than Ladders • Saves Your Back • Out of Sight when not in use



Power Versa Lift is a powerful electric lift that takes your home organization and storage to the next level.

Convenience Versa Lift is far more convenient than a mini-storage and eliminates monthly payments that continue to add up.

Safety Lifting heavy boxes overhead can cause permanent back injury and climbing up a shaky ladder can be is a recipe for disaster!

Versatility Versa Lift is the best way to organize your home and garage, giving you easy access to your valuable attic space.

Features Versa Lift exclusive features include, Auto-Stop – The lifting platform stops automatically when it reaches the full-up or full-down position. Auto-Close – When the lift is not is use, the ceiling opening is automatically closed with a door panel. Level-Up – The lifting platform automatically stops level wlth the upstairs floor, regardless of joist height, for easy loading and unloading. • Installation The Versa Lift installs into a framed opening in the ceiling, similar to the opening for a folding attic ladder.


Two days after I completed the installation of the Versa Lift, my garage is in much better order.  Due to your ingenious invention, I have moved my car jack and jack stands to the attic I just built in the garage.  I have also moved several baby seats, seven large cartons of Christmas decorations, some loose lumber and odd assorted boxes of stuff I can’t bring myself to part with.  I have also relocated several boxes full of old Harley parts up there too.  All that moving, and my back is still intact, which under normal conditions would be killing me by now… The Versa Lift is very sturdy, very well designed.  It is one of the best investments I have made for my house.

– Ken J.

…By the way, we are very happy with the unit.  Both my wife and I have physical limitations that make carrying things up the ladder into the attic both difficult and dangerous.  Having just moved into this house, we have had to move upwards of 3,000 lbs of stuff up into the attic, which has been a breeze with the lift.

–Bob G.




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