When your business needs the many benefits of commercial rolling doors, count on the selection and customer service you’ll find at King Door Company, Bakersfield’s source for high-quality overhead doors and service excellence.

We offer a wide range of rolling garage door options so you can choose the design, look and functionality that best suits your business and its unique needs. Here’s a look at what you’ll find when you choose King Door for rolling grilles, rolling security doors and other commercial rolling doors:

Choosing a Commercial Rolling Door

Commercial rolling doors are appropriate in demanding environments that require maximum durability and security. Because of minimal backroom, headroom and sideroom requirements, rolling doors are able to fit into tight spaces not appropriate for sectional doors.

Think about a warehouse or a loading dock, where you don’t have the room needed for swing-out doors or other commercial garage doors. The right rolling garage door can deliver the speed in raising and lowering that you need, and commercial rolling doors also tuck away so you’re not wasting valuable space in your facility.

But just because commercial rolling doors tuck away nicely doesn’t mean they’re flimsy or weak. These rolling garage door models are designed to withstand bumps and bruises, as well as to deliver the secure threshold your business needs after hours.


Rolling Service Doors

Available in a variety of materials — steel, stainless steel and aluminum — and slat thicknesses, rolling service doors are often found in the harshest industrial environments, thanks to their extreme durability and reliability. If damaged, individual slats can be replaced, rather than entire door sections. You can also customize your rolling service doors by choosing the right materials and specifications.

At King Door, we can help answer questions or provide expert guidance as you consider your options and seek the perfect fit for your business and its needs in commercial rolling doors.


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Roll-Up Sheet Doors

These doors are constructed from 26ga by 24-inch-wide sheets of steel formed with integral grooves that are hemmed together to form a continuous sheet guided vertically by roll-formed guides. The sheet coils around a spring-loaded shaft as the door is opened.

Sheet doors often find use at personal storage facilities and similar structures where space is at a premium, as is security and safety of the things stored behind the sheet doors.

At King Door, we deliver the rollup sheet doors you need to make sure your business is operating smoothly and securely.


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Rolling Counter Shutters

Ideal for a variety of commercial, retail, institutional or office environments, rolling counter shutters provide the ability to securely close access to an area when not in use. Slat materials include steel, aluminum, or stainless steel, which is popular in food service applications.

Counter shutters are the types of rolling commercial doors you see at concession stands, ticket counters and other areas where service is delivered over a counter. They are easy to raise and lower, and, like all commercial rolling doors, they store nicely to help you make the most of your space.

Rolling counter shutters also provide the safety and security you need, whether you’re storing a cash-filled register behind the shutters or simply keeping valuable materials, equipment and supplies.


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Rolling Security Grilles

Rolling security grilles are popular in retail environments where unobstructed views of merchandise are desired, but where protection against theft and vandalism is also necessary. The grille is constructed of aluminum rods and is available in different patterns and spacing distances.

Have you ever walked through a shopping mall before the stores open, or just after they close? Each one has a rolling grille door that effectively closes the store while allowing passersby to see the merchandise inside. These rolling grilles are a staple in retail environments because rolling security grilles store easily, raise and lower quickly and deliver the protective qualities you need out of security grilles for doors at your business.


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Bakersfield’s Source for Commercial Rolling Doors

At King Door, our roll-up door specialists have been serving Bakersfield-area business owners just like you since 1985. Our selection includes all that you need in the way of commercial rolling doors and other commercial overhead door products, and our team delivers the utmost in customer service.

For overhead door service, maintenance, replacement, installation, repair and more at your Bakersfield-area home or business, count on the team at King Door. Contact our team of garage door specialists today about your commercial rolling door needs, or stop by our showroom to see all your options in person.


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