Garage doors require regular maintenance to run at their best. An essential aspect of this maintenance is lubricating the moving parts. These systems have many moving metal parts that must work together for successful operation, and over time, a buildup of dirt, grime and rust can lead to friction between these components. You should consider a regular application of garage door lubricant spray to improve the motion of your door.

Benefits of Garage Door Lubricant

Lubricating your garage door will come with a few benefits, including:

  • Less friction: Friction is the most significant cause of wear and tear. As metal parts rub together, they generate heat, which weakens the moving parts. With an applied lubricant, the metal parts can move smoothly and generate less heat.
  • Smoother movement: Dirty tracks and rollers may lead your garage door to respond slowly or move in a rigid fashion. As a result, you won’t be able to get into your garage as quickly, and your garage door’s system will create extra friction. Lubrication can ensure smoother movement of the rollers along the track, solving both problems at once.
  • Reduced noise: Yet another sign of friction between moving parts is loud, grinding noises from a garage door as it opens and closes. A lubricant will effectively reduce friction and take care of those unpleasant grinding sounds.
  • Increased lifespan: Since friction is a huge culprit for wear and tear, reducing it can increase the overall lifespan of your garage door. 

Where Do You Spray Lubricant on a Garage Door?

To make the most of garage door lubricant, you’ll need to target the right parts. Before lubricating, make sure you clean all parts of the door to remove dirt and grime. Then, apply the substance to:

    • Hinges: The hinges of your garage door help it fold and unfold as it opens and closes. Only lubricate these components if they are metal and not plastic.
    • Springs: The springs counteract gravity so that your garage door is light enough to open and close. This part is essential to the function and safety of the door, so make sure your springs are well-lubricated. That said, avoid excess dripping.

While you may think you need to lubricate the tracks as well, they benefit most from a good cleaning and a degreaser. Lubricant is not necessary for your garage door’s tracks.

What Is the Best Lubricant for Garage Doors?

The first instinct most people have is to use standard WD-40 for a rigid garage door. While this product can be useful for cleaning and degreasing, it’s not technically a lubricant. We recommend our King Door Heavy-Duty Garage Door/Operator Lubricant & Rust Prevention spray or an option specially designed for garage doors.

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