Security Shutters and Grilles in Bakersfield, CA 

Whether you’re a business owner or just want to protect a certain area, security grilles can offer you the level of safety you’re looking for. The right grille can give you many benefits:

  • Security: One of the most obvious advantages of security shutters is security — their main function is to deter people from trying to steal. A good security shutter will help keep everything in the area safe and cut down on any costs for replacements of products. 
  • Convenience: Security shutters are also easy to maneuver — if you need to remove it, you can easily roll up a grille and get where you need to go. 
  • Cost-effectiveness: You’ll be able to find an affordable option with security grilles. It’s a cost-effective way to gain security while also saving money. 
  • Aesthetics: Security grilles also offer you the ability to design it how you like, using different colors or styles to keep your business attractive while keeping it secure. 

You want to make sure you’re investing in a quality product that is long-lasting and durable. The key is to find a quality provider who can offer you roll-up security gates you can rely on. At King Door, we provide our customers with a wide selection of rolling security grilles in Bakersfield, California. 

We offer three different models you can choose from, including a glazed panel model, an open panel model with a brick pattern grill and an open panel model with a straight pattern grille. You’ll be able to choose between several features, from the types of rods used to the type of grille you want based on your security needs. You can even choose how you want to operate your security shutters with an EZ lift option. 

With control over design specifications like size, aesthetic and operations, you’ll be able to tailor roll-down security gates for retail stores or whatever specific function you need them for. King Door is ready to help you find what you need. 

Horizontal rolling security grilles in a store

Why King Door

One of the most challenging parts of securing your business is figuring out where to find quality products you can rely on. At King Door, we make that decision easy by providing you with many different advantages:

  • Quality products: King Door partners with Clopay so that we can ensure we’re giving our customers the best quality products we can offer. We give you the confidence that you’ll have a durable, long-lasting product that you can rely on. 
  • Reliability: We offer warranties that ensure you feel good about your purchase. King Door makes sure that you know exactly what you’re getting throughout the entire process. You can even come visit our 4,000 square-foot showrooms to see our products up close. 
  • Experience: King Door has been in business for over 35 years. During that time, we’ve learned what it takes to serve our customers and make sure they’re getting what they want. 

Offering quality products, reliability and experience, King Door can offer you benefits that others can’t. When you need commercial roll-up security gates in Bakersfield, California, we’re here to help. 

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