Whether you’re opening a pharmaceutical facility or want to upgrade your existing setup, King Door Company, Inc. provides the high-quality doors you need to meet industry standards. We offer customized designs to suit your environment’s requirements. Enhance workplace sanitization, operational speed and fire safety with our solutions today! 

Door Standards for the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industries require a controlled and safe environment to ensure the integrity of products. For this reason, their facilities must adhere to certain standards. With King Door Company, Inc., you can exceed the following expectations and guidelines:

  • Cleanliness: Pharmaceutical environments must maintain product quality. Doors in these areas must have smooth, non-porous surfaces so they’re easy to clean and sanitize. The doors should feature an airtight design to minimize cross-contamination throughout the facility. 
  • Efficiency: Pharmaceutical businesses must facilitate an efficient workflow. Features, such as automated opening mechanisms, can keep operations running seamlessly. Integrating access control systems can provide the security you need with fast speeds. 
  • Safety: Pharmaceutical facilities often work with flammable substances. The doors in these areas must provide fire resistance and be able to keep a fire contained so it doesn’t spread throughout the building and beyond. Having this protection in place protects workplace personnel and assets. 

Benefits of Pharmaceutical High-Speed Doors in Bakersfield

King Door Company, Inc. is your go-to source for high-speed overhead doors at pharmaceutical facilities and other commercial properties. Our experts can help you customize doors with insulative properties, security enhancements and heavy-duty construction. 

We help you choose fire, wind and smoke-rated qualities to keep your environment as protected as possible. Our company also offers additional features, such as high-performance hardware for a long, dependable life span and a better return on investment.

Why Choose Pharmaceutical Roll-Up Doors in Bakersfield?

When choosing commercial rolling doors, find the exact design and function you need from King Door Company, Inc. We offer a wide range of pharmaceutical garage doors in Bakersfield, California, and surrounding areas. 

Our high-quality selection includes rolling service doors, roll-up sheet doors, rolling counter shutters and rolling security grilles. They’re appropriate for demanding environments where you need durability and security. They can fit in tight spaces and tuck away to maximize the valuable space in any area. 

You can work with our team to customize rolling doors with your choice of steel, stainless steel and aluminum materials. We ensure the right specifications of the designs and constructions to provide a perfect fit in your facility. 

Trust King Door Company, Inc. for High-Performance Pharmaceutical Doors

King Door Company, Inc. provides the best quality doors for pharmaceutical facilities. You can meet industry standards and have peace of mind when you work with us — our materials and products only come from the most reputable brands with proven quality and great warranties. 

With experience since 1985, our company has the necessary expertise to exceed your expectations. Our professionals listen to your needs and offer a collaborative process to customize your doors. Enjoy our quick estimates and same-day services. 

Have questions or want to learn more? You can contact our team or ask for a quote today!