At King Door, we offer a huge selection of commercial sectional doors to customers in Bakersfield and throughout the area. Sectional doors are much like traditional residential garage doors in design, though they offer a toughness and performance more befitting rugged commercial and industrial environments.

You’ll enjoy many options as you look for the perfect sectional garage door or sectional doors for your business. Here’s a brief glimpse at the many options we provide:


Choosing a Commercial Sectional Garage Door

Outside of basic functionality, there are many reasons why your business would want to choose a sectional garage door over other options. Commercial sectional garage doors are appropriate when thermal efficiency is a concern, where window space is desired for light or visibility or simply for aesthetic reasons.

We offer garage doors in sectional designs that come with powerful insulation, meaning you get cost savings and a boost in your building’s energy efficiency. The natural light and visibility of sectional garage doors can also deliver benefits. You can take advantage of the natural light to reduce your own lighting costs, and the visibility can help increase communication and productivity among team members working inside and outside.

Sectional garage doors also operate quietly and generate little noise in windy applications. They require significant backroom or headroom, depending on the application.

Sectional garage door security.  If door is damaged, you can replace section instead of complete door as in sheet roll up doors.

Choose commercial sectional doors for your business, and King Door can deliver attractive, benefit-laden options for your consideration.

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Steel Thermal Garage Doors

Ideal for applications requiring thermal efficiency and windload resistance, these garage doors come in a variety of thicknesses and different insulation types. Because of their construction — insulation sandwiched between two steel skins — they also offer the most durability, structural integrity and soundproofing of any sectional door.

Here in the Bakersfield area, we deal with sweltering summers that require a massive investment in air conditioning costs. Make sure you’re keeping as much of that conditioned air inside as possible, where it’s benefitting you and your team, rather than letting it escape through a non-insulated sectional garage door. You’ll feel more comfortable in your work environment, and you’ll always enjoy energy cost savings.


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Steel Ribbed Garage Doors

Intended for a variety of commercial and industrial applications, steel ribbed garage doors are available with or without insulation and with a variety of back cover options. Steel ribbed doors without insulation are ideal for environments where temperature control is not a factor. Although not as effective as a thermal door, adding insulation creates a more thermally efficient and quietly operating garage door.

There’s a reason why traditional residential garage doors can’t be repurposed for use at business locations: quite simply, they aren’t tough enough. When you want commercial sectional doors that can take a beating and keep on performing, you won’t find a better option than the strength of steel ribbed garage doors.

At King Door, we offer steel ribbed garage doors and other sectional doors that work hard, day in and day out, over the long term.


Aluminum Rail & Stile Garage Doors

Generally specified for auto service centers and fire stations, aluminum garage doors are mostly glass and, therefore, provide excellent visibility. They also offer the most design versatility of all sectional garage doors, as almost any glass style can be used, and a large variety of colors and finishes are available for the rails and stiles.

These commercial sectional doors are both functional and stylish, as many restaurants and coffee shops use them to create flexible spaces that can be indoors when appropriate and outdoors when the weather is nice. These garage doors with sectional designs give the outside world a full view into your facility.


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Steel Raised Panel Garage Doors

When a “residential” appearance is desired, steel raised panel garage doors can be selected. These are the same door sections as are available in our residential product line — however, commercial-grade springs and hardware are added for extra performance and durability.

As mentioned, a commercial environment is simply too tough for regular residential garage doors, which is why we recommend these steel raised panel garage doors that have added support and strength. Make sure you’re getting the quality, durability and value you want, need and expect out of commercial sectional doors when you choose King Door as your provider in and around Bakersfield.


Proudly Serving Bakersfield Since 1985

At King Door, we’ve called Bakersfield home for more than 30 years, and we’re proud of our legacy of serving area home and business owners. We put superior customer service first and foremost, and we complement that service excellence with a selection of the best commercial sectional doors and other products you’ll find anywhere.

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