King Door Company, Inc. is your go-to source for cold storage doors in Bakersfield, California, and throughout Kern and Tulare County. When you partner with us, you can customize the perfect doors for freezers, cold rooms and refrigerated warehouses. Our professionals provide the high-performance designs you need to maintain product quality and meet specific standards in temperature-controlled environments.

Door Standards for Cold Storage Industries

Commercial facilities in cities like Delano, Shafter, McFarland, Taft and Buttonwillow that have cold storage must maintain a desired temperature inside storage areas. For this reason, the cold storage industry provides regulations and guidelines pertaining to: 

  • Insulation: Cold storage facilities must feature doors with excellent insulative properties to maintain product quality and ensure a safe environment for perishable goods. The doors are designed to keep temperatures consistent and withstand extreme temperature differentials, preventing food spoilage, extending a product’s shelf life and saving on overall costs. 
  • Airtightness: Cold storage doors must provide airtightness to avoid warm air infiltration and keep low temperatures consistent. The doors may feature gaskets and seals to prevent air from entering or escaping the storage area, which may increase your energy efficiency and provide long-term savings for your facility. 
  • Durability: Cold storage doors must have robust constructions to withstand frequent opening and closing. The facilities may use heating elements to prevent condensation, frost formation and ice buildup around the doors for less wear and better longevity. 

Why Choose High-Speed Cold Storage Doors in Bakersfield?

In the cold storage industry, finding the right doors is crucial to protecting your property, people and assets. Industries in cities like Shafter, McFarland, Taft, Buttonwillow and Delano benefit from high-speed storage doors. King Door Company, Inc. is dedicated to helping you customize high-speed commercial doors for your facility. 

Our company offers a wide array of styles, including heavy-duty service doors, insulated high-speed doors and high-speed security grilles. They allow your workforce to increase efficiency and move products in or out more quickly throughout Kern and Tulare County. 

We can help you design doors with additional features, including weather-resistant and high-performance hardware. Some safeguards, such as photo-eye sensors and safety reversing systems, offer extra protection for your building or warehouse. 

Benefits of Commercial Rolling Doors for Your Cold Storage 

At King Door Company, Inc., we offer a high-quality array of commercial rolling doors for cold storage facilities. Our professionals can work with you to customize designs best suiting the look and function you need for your business. 

Our inventory features rolling service doors, rolling security grilles, roll-up sheet doors and rolling counter shutters. We offer steel, stainless steel or aluminum materials. They provide impressive durability and work well in the most demanding industrial environments. 

With a rolling or roll-up function, these doors can tuck away or fit in tight spaces. Our team will help you choose the right dimensions and specifications for a perfect fit that maximizes the use of valuable space in your facility.

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