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How to Choose a Garage Door Repair Company in Bakersfield, CA

Your garage door won’t go up, and your car is stuck in the garage. You suspect an issue with the spring, but you aren’t quite sure. 

Who do you call? 

A quick online search will probably turn up a wide selection of companies in your area who claim to do garage door repair. But when it comes to your home, you don’t want to trust just anyone to make repairs. 

Choosing a garage door repair company you can trust is important. Before you pick up the phone to schedule a service, it’s a good idea to do your homework. Knowing who you’re calling may save you a lot of time and money later on. 

8 Tips for Choosing the Best Garage Door Repair Company Near You

When you need to call a professional garage door repair company, you need to find an experienced, trustworthy company quickly. But you probably don’t have a company on speed dial. So how do you avoid selecting a questionable company and make sure you call a reputable garage door company? 

1. Know What You’re Looking For

The first step to choosing a garage door repair company is to figure out what you need. You can do this by looking — is there a visible problem? — and listening — is there a distinct noise occurring? You don’t have to know every detail of the problem, but having an idea of the problem and its symptoms can help a company determine who to send and what kind of repairs you might need in advance. 

2. Check Out Online Reviews

According to The New York Times, 82 percent of Americans look to online reviews when determining whether to purchase goods or services. Online reviews can tell you a lot about a business, but they don’t always tell the whole story. When you look at a company’s online review, don’t just look at the first review or the more negative ones. First, look at their overall rating. For example, on Google, reviewers are asked to rate their opinion of a business using one to five stars. The more stars a company has, the more positive their reviews.

But don’t stop there. As you scan the reviews, start with the ones in the “middle” — for example, the ones who give a three-star rating on Google. Why? Someone who has extreme opinions — either positive or negative — is more likely to show some bias than someone whose opinion falls somewhere in the middle. 

You can also look at the people who wrote the reviews. Google, for example, has a feature that will show you other reviews a person wrote. If there isn’t much under their name or their review is incredibly thorough, there’s a good chance that they’ve been paid to offer positive opinions.

Ultimately, The New York Times also reported that only 1.5 percent of consumers take the time to write a review about their experiences. In other words, online reviews only tell part of the story. That’s why it’s also important to …

3. Ask a Friend

The “phone a friend” option isn’t just a good idea for game shows. It’s good practice when you’re looking for someone to work on your garage door too. Ask around to friends, especially ones who’ve recently had work done on their garage doors and find out who they think the best garage door companies are. A friend can provide a lot more information than an online review. They can clue you in on a company’s pricing and professionalism and tell you whether they’d consider using them again.

4. Don’t Agree to Anything Until You Understand the Problem

When a technician comes out for an estimate, they should provide you with a detailed description of the problem, as well as the exact cost for repair — in writing. A professional should never do any work without your authorization, and they should always provide documentation to back up what they’re saying. This is especially important if they aren’t going to do the work while they’re there that day. Having the diagnosis and estimate in writing guarantees that the company can’t send a different person out to perform the repair and then charge you a different amount later on.  Be careful that they aren’t upselling you.  Some parts may still be good and may not need to be updated.  Some companies will convince you that you need to upgrade or replace the part when it’s obvious that the part looks in good condition.

5. Get Several Estimates

When you’re looking to have work done on your home, it’s a good idea to get two to three estimates and compare them before you select a company to do the work. Look at the price they’re quoting you and the scope of the work and then compare those with the reviews and recommendations you’ve received from other people. And remember — cheaper isn’t always better. If a company offers you a low price but has poor reviews, the headache you might experience working with them isn’t worth the money you’ll save. 

6. Verify the Basics

If you’re considering using a company you aren’t familiar with, do a little sleuthing. Find them on Google Street View to ensure that it’s a real business. View their website to see what they say about themselves and view other customer reviews. Be wary of any company that doesn’t have a website. We’re not saying their website should be award-worthy, but in this technological age, the lack of any web presence is a big red flag.  Do they have a company vehicle with decals, tech is uniformed with name tag.  Does their logo or name match their vehicle, uniforms, business cards, invoice etc…  You need a professional to ensure your garage door is properly repaired.  So call a professional.

7. Trust Your Instincts

Even if all the other things check out, trust your instincts. If you call and talk to someone at a company, and they’re rude, or you get a bad feeling, don’t use them. As a consumer, you have the right to pick who you want to work on your home. Never feel bad turning someone down or opting to go with another company.

8. Consider Availability

When you call, does someone promptly answer the phone? Are messages returned in a timely fashion? Does the technician who comes for the estimate seem to be rushed? A good company values their customers above all else. If a company doesn’t make themselves available to explain the problem and answer your questions, then it’s a good idea to look for another company to work with. 

The same goes for their ability to schedule you quickly. If your garage door won’t open and your car is stuck inside, that’s something you need to deal with quickly so that you don’t miss work or other important commitments. If your garage is stuck in the open position, it can compromise the safety of your home. A good garage door repair company should recognize the urgency of your needs and be willing to schedule service quickly. Any company that wants you to wait days for service isn’t a good choice.

Questions to Ask When Choosing a Garage Door Repair Company

 Once you’ve obtained the names of a few local garage door repair companies, it’s time to ask a few questions. 

1. Are They Licensed? 

Licensure ensures that the company in question is legally able to carry out the work they claim to do. While it’s not a guarantee that they’ll provide quality work, it does prove that they are accountable to certain state and industry organizations that establish rules and guidelines in their industry. You can find this information on their website or ask them to provide you with information about licensure. Then, go to the licensing bodies and confirm that their credentials are current and there are no pending complaints or issues.

2. How Long Have They Been in Business? 

A company’s years in business say a lot about their quality of work. If they’ve been in business for decades, it’s highly likely that they provide good service at appropriate prices. It may also indicate that they’re ethical and that others in your community trust them to provide great service.

On the other hand, if a company hasn’t been in business very long, this is a good indication that they may have less experience. It can be tempting to go with a newer company, especially if they quote you a really good price, but when it comes to garage door repair, it’s better to choose a company that has the years of experience to back up their claims. 

3. Are There Hidden Fees? 

When you call a company to inquire about garage door repair, ask them upfront about the fees associated with estimates and the repair itself. Some companies charge a minimum fee for service calls, as well as other fees for estimates, travel, labor, parts and more. Always ask for an itemized estimate before you agree to any work. A company that is elusive about their fees or charges high fees for these items may not be the best fit for you. 

4. Is There a Catch? 

Say you heard a radio ad for a repair company offering an enticing promotion. When you call, ask for specific details about the promotion to make sure you qualify for it. You also want to make sure that there aren’t hidden fees or other services that you’re required to pay for to get the advertised offer. Sadly, some companies do advertise misleading specials, so it’s important to be aware of what they’re really offering before you get stuck with a bill for something you didn’t need.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Garage Door Repair Company

The internet is rife with DIY videos and tutorials recommending that you forego a professional garage door repair company and take care of things yourself. But resist the urge to DIY your garage door, and let the professionals get everything back in working order! 

Why? Two of the main reasons are:


1. Safety


This is the #1 reason to let the professionals handle your garage door repair. Your garage door is incredibly large and heavy. It’s possibly the largest movable object in your entire home. During repairs, there is always the potential for it to become mobile and crash down. If you aren’t experienced in garage door repair, the odds of this happening increase, and you put yourself — and anyone helping you — at risk of being seriously injured. Professional garage door repair technicians do this all day every day. They have the knowledge and experience to prevent this from happening, keeping everyone safe. 

2. Efficiency

Safety alone should be enough to convince you of the benefits of choosing professional garage door repair services. But there’s even more to it than that. Because professional garage door technicians repair doors for a living, they can quickly identify problems and their solutions. What could take you an entire weekend to resolve will likely only take these professionals a couple of hours. They will also use high-quality parts and guarantee that the work done will last for a long time.

Choose King Door as Your Garage Door Repair Company in Bakersfield

When it comes to choosing a garage door repair company in Bakersfield, CA, look no further than King Door. With more than 30 years of experience, we’re proud to offer same-day and 24-hour emergency repair service on garage doors and openers. Our goal is to provide prompt, high-quality service that will have your garage door back in action in no time! 

If you’re in the market for a residential or commercial garage door or opener, we’ve got that covered too. We proudly sell a variety of Clopay doors and Liftmaster openers that will fit any need and any budget. 

For service, call us at (661) 397-2744 or visit us online

What Is the Best Type of Garage Door Opener to Buy?

If your garage door opener is outdated, not working or you’re looking for something better, there is a wide variety of new garage door openers to choose from. Whether you’re looking for one that is quieter or more reliable, you can find an option that works well for your home. Recent improvements in garage door opener function and technology are impressive. You can evaluate different brands, styles and features that interest you, match your lifestyle and fit your budget.

So what is the best garage door opener? This guide will show you the various features garage door openers offer and help you decide which type is best for you.

What to Know Before Buying a New Garage Door Opener

Before you decide on the type of garage door opener you want, you’ll want to analyze some details about your preferences and garage space:

1. Power Needs

It’s best to consider the size and weight of your garage door to determine how much horsepower your new garage door opener needs. Most garage door openers need at least 1/2 horsepower, but if your door is bigger or the garage is the main entrance to your home, you may need an opener with 3/4 horsepower to 1 horsepower. Higher power will help increase the speed of the opener, assist it in lifting heavier doors and last longer than the typical 1/2 horsepower motor. 

2. Safety Features

Installing an automatic garage door opener can make your life more convenient, but it can also raise some safety concerns. It’s important to regularly check safety features on a garage door opener to ensure they are working properly. 

Garage door openers are typically installed with lasers mounted on each side of the garage that will stop the garage door from moving once something crosses its path. Openers are also equipped with a feature that reverses the direction of the garage door if it hits something like a child. When looking for a new automatic garage door opener, check to see how well these safety features operate on the brand you’re considering.

3. Garage Door Height

Some garage doors are much taller than regular garage doors. Garage door extension kits help your garage door opener handle the operation of taller doors. Most garage door openers work with 7-foot garage doors. Check your door height to determine whether or not you’ll need an extension kit with your opener. 

4. Door Location

The location of your garage door impacts the type of garage door opener you should purchase. If your garage is close to bedrooms or your living room, it’s important to buy a garage door opener that is quiet to minimize disturbance.

5. Motor Types

Garage door openers have a DC powered motor.  The DC motor offers benefits, like reduced wear and tear on the door, smoother movements, top safety features and some include a backup battery for when the power goes out. 

Types of Garage Door Openers

All garage door openers have a motor that guides the carriage or trolley along a rail. The garage door is connected to the trolley, and the trolley pulls the garage door to open and close. But not all garage doors are manufactured with the same features. With belt drive, chain drive, screw drive and wall-mounted garage door openers, you can find features that fit perfectly with your garage.

Check out these four types of residential garage door openers for more information:

1. Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

A belt drive garage door opener is one of the more ideal options for your garage. Many homeowners purchase either a belt drive or chain drive opener. So, which garage door opener is better, chain or belt? The belt drive garage door opener uses a belt instead of a chain to move the garage door. The belt makes the opener operation quieter than a chain drive garage door opener. A belt drive garage door opener is a great purchase for garages that are attached to the home or close to bedrooms or living areas.

These openers are extremely durable and can handle most types of garage doors. Their strength also allows them to lift doors faster than chain drive garage door openers. A belt drive garage door opener is easy to install, requires little maintenance and is widely available. Belt drives tend to be a more pricey option as they are considered an upgrade from other garage door openers because of their features. Overall, belt drive garage door openers are long-lasting, so they can be the more economical decision.

2. Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

A chain drive garage door opener is the most common opener option homeowners use. The opener uses a chain to move the trolley to open and close the garage door. The best perk of a chain drive garage door opener is that it is an affordable option. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing how reliable a chain drive opener is.

This type of garage door opener is dependable, strong and durable if you properly maintain the chain. They operate effectively no matter what the humidity levels are, and they are widely available.

3. Wall-Mounted Garage Door Openers

Not all garage door openers are installed overhead. The wall-mounted garage door opener is an option for homeowners who have extra tall ceilings, cathedral-style ceilings or are looking for a different garage door opener option. This system is mounted on the wall to the side of the garage door, and this feature offers some intriguing benefits.

You may have more storage space in your garage with a wall-mounted garage door opener. Since it frees up the overhead space, you can stack boxes higher or install storage units on the ceiling to optimize your garage space. You also can increase the clearance height for vehicles.

A wall-mounted unit is easy to maintain because it doesn’t have a belt or chain you need to keep up. This option is also quieter because of the lack of belt or chain in the mechanism.

Wall-mounted units do have some limitations due to their unique function. Depending on the brand you purchase, you’ll need to ensure your door size meets the qualifications, your ceilings are an acceptable height, you have access to an outlet that meets the requirements and you have torsion springs on your garage door.

Which Brand of Garage Door Opener Is Best?

A quality garage door brand can make all the difference in your daily routine. A garage door opener that works properly and makes life at home more convenient will be worth it. 

LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Genie are some of the most popular garage door opener brands available. Check out the similarities and differences between these popular garage door brands and see which one is the best for your home:

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

The industry leader is actually owned by, The Duchossois Group.

  • Price: Manufacturers designed LiftMaster to be a pro option for homeowners. Since it has advanced qualities and specs, the price will likely be higher than Chamberlain.
  • Rail system: LiftMaster has a durable trolley system that can handle heavier garage doors. The mechanism is reliant on only one part, and it’s made from heavy-duty steel. Because of the strength of the rail system, the LiftMaster can move bigger doors than the Chamberlain.
  • Security features: The LiftMaster garage door opener uses an infrared beam for security. Once a person or object passes through the beam, the door will stop and reverse direction. The garage door openers also include a warning system that lets you know when the garage door stays open or tries to close by itself. It has a lock system to ensure the garage door is secure when it’s closed.
  • Accessories: The LiftMaster garage door opener includes two remotes, motion sensors and a control panel. 
  • Warranty: LiftMaster provides a one-year to three-year warranty, depending on the product, and offers warranty service.

LiftMaster vs. Genie Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster and Genie are two companies that dominate the garage door opener industry. If you’re deciding between LiftMaster versus Genie, check out the differences between the two brands:

  • Price: The price of the two brands is fairly similar.
  • Security features: Genie and LiftMaster both offer security technology that changes the security code each time you use the system. But, LiftMaster also includes the PosiLock system, which secures the garage door and monitors if something tries to open the door.
  • Accessories: The Genie and LiftMaster brands both offer similar remote controls and wall panels, but LiftMaster models include a battery backup system to keep the unit active while the power is off.  Genie also offer battery backup
  • Warranty: The warranty options for both brands are similar between products. 

Choosing the Best Garage Door Opener for Your Needs

When you choose a garage door opener, you want a system that will work every time. Reliability is an essential factor for garage door openers, which makes LiftMaster an excellent option for your home. LiftMaster garage door openers are found in households across the country and deliver quality functionality. A LiftMaster opener has the speed, durability, noise level and features many homeowners are searching for. 

Contact King Door for LiftMaster Garage Door Openers Today

Finding a company that offers a quality selection of garage door openers will help make your search for a new opener simple. For the best selection of garage door openers, check out King Door Company. We offer products from trusted brands, like LiftMaster, for residential garage doors. We are proud to deliver excellent customer service and use our extensive knowledge to help make your garage convenient and efficient.

Your garage is an essential part of your home, and we’re ready to provide high-quality parts, products, service and maintenance to keep it in top shape. Contact us today to learn more about our LiftMaster products and services.


What Is the Best Lubricant for Garage Doors?

Residents in California’s Kern County understand the value of garage doors in their daily lives. For many families, garage doors are the main entryway and exit point of the house, opening and closing many times per day. That’s why proper garage door care is essential, and it all starts with garage door lubrication.

But what is the best garage door lubricant? Are there any advantages of garage door lubricant? The experts at King Door have answers to these questions and more. Read on to learn about the best types of garage door lubricants and why you need to regularly lubricate your garage doors.

What Is Garage Door Roller Lubricant?

What Is Garage Door Roller Lubricant?

Garage door lubricant keeps door components operational while reducing stress. With proper lubrication, the garage door will open and close like normal without breakdowns or other issues.

Lubrication is necessary where two or more moving parts are in contact. Garage door metal parts have sharp edges that can remove material from other parts, compromising the structure. This product also prevents dirt and dust from gathering in the connected parts. Otherwise, the debris could cause the door to jam and be inoperable.

Types of Garage Door Lubricants: Silicone vs. Petroleum

When lubricating your garage door, you may want to grab your trusty can of WD-40 or a similar product, but this will give you undesirable results. These products are penetrating oils, which makes them excellent for cleaning rust and grime off moving components, but that’s where their benefits end. When lubricating your garage door, you should use a product with a petroleum base instead of silicone. 

Problems With Silicone-Based Lubricants

Although silicone lubricant is a popular option for garage doors, this base is not the best option you can use when lubricating your garage door. Homeowners with a lack of familiarity with silicone as a lubricating agent may be unaware of the potential damage it can cause.

Despite its alleged benefits, such as long-lasting durability in temperature and weather changes, silicon-based sprays can damage your car’s paint, leaving craters. This damage — commonly called fisheye — is when debris like silicone, wax, dirt, and oil gets stuck under the paint, causing spots or bubbles.

Advantages of Petroleum-Based Lubricants

Our research shows that the non-silicon spray — such as a petroleum-based lubricant — is the best option with 53% more oil. White petroleum garage door grease is the standard lubricant for metal parts because it preserves the integrity of garage door components and has weather-resistance capabilities. This product gives you full control over how you apply it to your garage door’s components, despite having to use your hands.

You can work it into your garage door’s metal rollers, tracks, bearing plates, locks, arm bars, springs, hinges, bearings, or any part making any noise, providing an even coat. After you do so, your garage door will open and close like a charm. This lubricant is ideal for heavy-friction doors in a moderate climate that see frequent use.

Since white petroleum grease adheres well to metal, it’s not going anywhere once you apply it. Petroleum grease cannot soak into the metal, so there will always be a layer of lubrication between the metal parts. Avoid overapplying, as this can attract dirt and dust. A small amount of white petroleum grease goes a long way to having a healthy garage door. 

Petroleum-based lubricants come in the form of white petroleum grease. Your local hardware store or garage door specialist may sell grease for garage doors in squeezable tubes, canisters, or containers with lids. Petroleum spray lubricant for garage doors may be available, but it is less common than the hand-application varieties. That means you’ll have to get your hands messy while applying it, but among leading garage door lubricants, white petroleum grease will provide satisfying results.

Forms of Garage Door Lubricant

Lubricants for garage doors are available in many forms, each ideal for different door components. The lubricant type you’ll choose will depend on which is the easiest to apply for your needs.

The most common forms of garage door lubricant are greases and sprays. Greases are applied directly to the component using a rag or by hand. Since this lubricant stays on the metal surface, it serves as a friction-reducing buffer between parts. Sprays are sprayed onto internal parts, like springs. They penetrate the mechanics deeper, keeping garage door machinery lubricated.

Other lubricant forms include oils and foams, which are available in a container or spray bottle and are safe to use.

The Best Garage Door Lubricant

King Door Heavy-Duty Garage Door/Operator Lubricant and Rust Prevention Spray is the preferred garage door lubrication for Bakersfield, California residents. This lubrication can is specifically designed for garage door maintenance. The cap is adjustable so you can control the amount of garage door spray lube you desire and for accurate application. You can choose to spray on heavy with a strong beam-like spray, or you can spray on medium for broader coverage and lite with minimal mist-like coverage. These options help eliminate any unwanted overspray.

white spray can of King Door garage door lubricant and the adjustable spray nozzle with labels L, M, H

At King Door, we stay up-to-date on new innovations to continue improving our products. When purchasing lubrication, you can be sure that our lubricant and rust prevention spray is the best solution for your garage door.

How Do You Lubricate a Garage Door?

If you’re new to lubricating your garage door, follow this checklist to guide your process, and take it one component at a time. Some materials you’ll need include:

  • A couple of shop rags nearby to wipe away any excess
  • Drop cloth or tarp to protect the floor
  • Stepladder to access out-of-reach components

Here are the main parts of your garage door you should lubricate:

  • Springs: Your garage door’s springs expand and contract with each use. You must lubricate your garage door springs to keep them from breaking and prevent the door from sticking or jamming. Locate your garage door springs overhead and lubricate their entire surface. Since you want full coverage, the best lubricant for garage door springs may be hand-applied white petroleum grease. 
  • Rollers: Find the rollers on the sides of your garage doors. They’re the little metal or plastic wheels that roll through the tracks when the garage door opens and closes. Rollers need lubrication to keep the door moving and prevent it from jamming while in motion. Lubricate the metal parts of the rollers, specifically the inside where the wheel bearing sits and where the shaft meets the roller. The bearings may be challenging to lubricate by hand, so spray might be your best option for lubricating garage door rollers.
  • Hinges: Your garage door’s hinges allow the panels to fold and unfold day after day and carry the door’s tension. Keep them lubricated to guarantee smooth functioning. You can use white petroleum grease for this step to avoid dripping on your garage door panels. This stage could be when those shop rags come in handy. 
  • Locks: If your garage door has locks, keep the locking mechanism lubricated to avoid a sticky or frozen lock. Spray-type lubricant is best for lubricating garage door locks because the thin spray nozzle can access the locking mechanisms. Blast the lubricant into the key slot and locking shafts, then wipe away any excess with a rag. 

Once you’ve finished these steps, open and close your garage door a few times in a row to work the lubricants into the components. 

Benefits of Using Garage Door Lubricant

Why go through the hassle of lubricating your garage door in the first place? Lubricating your garage door every year can go a long way in extending the life of your garage door and automatic opener. Here are a few benefits of using garage door lubricant:

  • Volume levels: Is your garage door louder than it used to be? That could be a result of metal pieces grinding together, forcing the opener to work harder. You could enjoy a quieter opening experience after lubricating the above components.
  • Smooth operation: Friction between parts of your garage door can cause the opener to struggle. If you have two garage doors, you may be wondering why the one you use daily opens more slowly than the one you only use once a week. That’s because more use equals more friction between moving parts. After lubricating your garage door, your opener may work faster than it did before.
  • Longer lifespan: Neglecting to lubricate your garage door can lead to compounding issues. One problem leads to another until you have expensive repair costs to deal with. Lubricating your garage door will protect the door’s essential components like springs, rollers and hinges. This DIY task will remove unnecessary stress on your opener. Everything will work in harmony, extending the life span of your entire garage door system.

Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Lubricants

Here are the most frequently asked questions we answer about lubricating garage doors:

How Often Should You Lubricate Your Garage Door?

You should lubricate garage door components every three to six months. Since using your garage door wears away the lubricant, reapplying it is necessary. The frequency depends on how often you use your garage door, its position, and the weather conditions. Your lubricant’s application instructions will likely provide a reapplication recommendation you can follow.

How Much Lubricant Is Needed for a Garage Door?

The amount of lubricant needed to keep your garage door operational depends on the type, where it’s applied, and how much area the lubricant covers. You need a small amount of grease- and oil-type lubricants, as a little goes a long way. A small container could last for years if properly stored. You may need more lubricant if you use the spray type, as it requires more frequent application.

Is Garage Door Lubricant Easy to Apply?

Garage door lubricant is easy to apply and delivers quick results. Spray-type lubricants are the most straightforward to use — you can spray the lubricant where needed, and no cleanup is required. Grease-type lubricants take more effort, as you need to apply them with your hand or a rag.

Contact King Door for Garage Door Lubricant Today

King Door in California is Kern County’s solution for garage door repair, services and installation, including garage door lubrication. We’ve been in business since 1985, allowing us to get to know our neighbors and provide high-quality, individualized service. Our professional technicians have a reputation for being clean, prompt and professional.

Come visit our 4,000-square-foot showroom to meet our knowledgeable and friendly staff. Or, you can contact us online for more information. Schedule a service appointment or request an estimate today. We look forward to serving you with all your garage door needs.

LiftMaster Garage Door Battery Backup

It’s easy to take your garage door opener for granted. Day after day, it opens and closes your door as you enter and exit your home — all without thinking about how it works. Then, one day, the power goes out, and your garage door won’t open.

Garage door openers are powered by your home’s electrical system. When your home loses power, so does your garage door opener. In some cases, you may be able to wait a couple of hours for the power to come back on so you can go about your business. But, that’s not always the case.

View Our Selection of Garage Door Openers with Battery Backups

During the 2017 wildfires in northern California, fire and rescue workers reported that at least five people died because they lost power and couldn’t open their garage door to drive their car to safety. Yes, their garage doors were equipped with a manual override feature, however, for those who aren’t physically capable of using the manual override feature, such as the elderly and disabled, the manual override feature isn’t an option.

In response to this tragedy, the state of California decided to act to protect its residents from future fires and other disasters. The California Senate introduced California SB-969, which requires a backup battery for garage door openers that will allow the opener to work in the event of a power outage. 

The bill passed in the California Assembly 64-7 and in the Senate 39-0 and will go into effect later this year. For California residents, it’s important to know how the bill protects you and what you’ll need to do to make sure your garage door opener complies with the law’s guidelines.

If you’re a homeowner looking to purchase a new garage door in California, continue reading to learn more about whether or not you’ll be required to update your garage door opener under California SB-969.

About the New California Garage Door Opener Law (California SB-969)

California SB-969 mandates that all electronic garage door openers installed after July 1, 2019, contain a battery backup that will continue to provide power to a garage door opener in the event that a home loses power. This provides a viable alternative to the manual override feature for those who cannot open their garage door manually.

A garage door battery backup system is a small battery unit connected to the garage door opener. Most of the time, it sits idle — but if you lose power due to wildfires or severe weather, the battery backup is designed to engage the garage door opener, so you can get your car in and out. The battery’s power may not be the same as your electric opener, however, it’s strong enough to raise and lower your door several times during a 24-hour period. This means that during power outages, it’s possible to open your garage and get out of your house in case of an emergency.

Besides mandating that all garage door openers are installed with a battery backup, the new California garage door requirements also state there will be a $1000 fine for anyone who fails to comply with this law once it takes effect. The best way to make sure your new garage door opener is compliant with the bill’s guidelines is to work with an experienced garage door company to complete the installation.

This bill applies to anyone who is in the market for a new garage door opener now and in the future. So, if you’re in the market for a new garage door opener, even before July 1, we strongly recommend purchasing a unit that complies with SB-969. For anyone who plans to buy one down the road, you’ll want to make sure you purchase a unit with this feature. If your opener is installed after July 1, 2019, and does not contain a battery backup, you will be subject to a fine. 

What SB-969 Means for California Residents

The garage door battery backup law means any California residents who buy a garage door opener now or in the future must ensure it’s equipped with a battery backup. This does not mean that people who already have an electric garage door opener need to purchase a new one — although that’s never a bad idea if yours is old or isn’t working properly. If you’re in the market for a new opener, pay close attention to what you’re purchasing.

Once you do purchase a garage door opener with a battery backup, you will need to check the battery on a regular basis to ensure it is still charged and ready to take over if your home loses power.

Garage door opener manufacturers have installed features into the battery backup to quickly alert homeowners to the condition of their battery. For example, LiftMaster battery backups are designed with green, orange and red lights to indicate whether the battery is charged or in need of attention. All a homeowner needs to do is glance at the lights to know if their battery is in good working order.

Although this is another item to add to your list of projects, it’s not a hassle once you install it — all you have to do is periodically glance at the unit to make sure it’s charged and engaged properly. If you notice it’s running low or the battery isn’t holding a charge, you can address the problem and easily purchase a replacement.

Why Do I Need a Battery Backup for My Garage Door Opener?

SB-969 was specifically introduced in response to the tragic deaths of five California residents in a wildfire, but there’s a bigger picture that’s important to consider as you’re reading the new law. Anytime your power goes out for any reason — extreme heat, storms or wildfires — your garage door won’t work. Yes, there’s the manual pull cord that should allow you to simply detach the garage door opener and raise the door yourself, but, for older adults or people with a physical disability, manually lifting a garage door just isn’t possible. Installing a battery backup ensures anyone in your home can raise their garage door when they need to.

If you’re in good shape or younger, you may read this and say “I’m fine. This doesn’t apply to me.” Think of it this way: you wouldn’t wait to buy a smoke detector until you saw flames near your home. You purchase and install a smoke detector so you’ll be prepared if the flames ever come. The same is true of a battery backup. You may not think you need a battery backup on your garage door opener now, but who’s to say that you won’t need it if something happens in a year or two?

SB-969 and the battery backup are intended to make Californians safer and prevent future tragedies like the deaths of those five individuals in 2017. It’s also to protect your loved ones who might otherwise be trapped at home if help isn’t nearby. Yes, it’s hard to think about bad things happening, and no one wants to plan on danger, but protecting your family by installing something so simple is a no-brainer.

Can I Add a Backup Battery to My Current Garage Door Opener?

Yes, you can even add a garage door backup battery to your current garage door opener. While SB-969 addresses garage door openers installed on or after July 1, 2019, the safety issues this bill addresses still apply to owners of older units. Even though existing garage door openers will not be subject to fines, the law was passed because it’s something everyone should have in their home.

Adding a battery backup to your current garage door opener is a great way to protect your family from unexpected power outages and the things that cause them. It’s a relatively simple and inexpensive investment that will protect your family for years to come. If your unit is relatively new, then you can simply have a battery backup attached to your unit. If your garage door opener is older, it will depend on its age and the manufacturer. In some cases, you can still install a battery backup on an older unit, but in others, you may have to purchase a new unit in order to have this feature.

If you aren’t sure of the age of your existing garage door opener or if it will be able to support the addition of a battery backup feature, the professionals at King Door can help you figure out what your options are.

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Tips for Maintaining Your Battery Backup

Once you’ve had a battery backup installed for your garage door opener, there’s one more step you’ll want to take, and that is to familiarize yourself with your battery backup features and limitations. While it is relatively simple to understand, here are four tips to keep in mind.

1. Get to Know Your Backup’s Safety Features

A number of battery backup options are on the market today, including several from LiftMaster. Once your backup is installed, take some time to read your owner’s manual. Know how much power your battery has and how many times you’ll be able to open and close your door using it during a power outage. Make sure you know how often you should check the battery to ensure it’s operating properly. If you don’t understand something or have questions that aren’t answered in your owner’s manual, don’t hesitate to ask a qualified garage door specialist for more information.

2. Know How to Tell If the Battery Isn’t Charging

Your battery backup comes equipped with features designed to let you know if it isn’t charging correctly or needs to be replaced. Besides the green, orange and red lights incorporated into the LiftMaster backup systems, their battery backups are also equipped to emit a series of beeps when the battery needs to be recharged or replaced.

Make sure to learn what those beeps mean and then make sure to respond when you hear them. Just like a smoke detector beeps when it needs a new battery, so will your garage door opener battery backup. And just as those beeps are a call to action to maintain your smoke detectors, use them as a call to action to maintain your battery backup, as well.

3. Replace the Battery Regularly

Depending on how often you need to use the battery backup, you’ll replace the battery every one to two years. This is something you can do yourself, so familiarize yourself with the LiftMaster backup battery replacement process. If you aren’t sure where to start, ask your installation technician when the battery backup — or unit containing the battery backup — is installed. It’s easy to ignore this chore in favor of doing other things, but it’s not something you should neglect. Making battery backup maintenance a regular part of your home maintenance routine can save the lives of people you love.

4. Learn How to Manually Operate Your Garage Door

SB-969 was specifically written in response to the tragic deaths of individuals who were unable to manually unable to open their garage doors. However, in many cases, homeowners are capable of manually opening their garage doors. If you are physically capable of manually opening your garage door, make sure you are familiar with the manual override features, so you can operate the door in case of emergency. If you or a loved one in your home is not able to use this feature, be sure to check your battery backup system more frequently to ensure it is working correctly.

Contact King Door Company for LiftMaster Battery Backup Openers

By enacting SB-969, the state of California is working to protect its residents, but that protection still requires you to act. If you are in the market for a new garage door opener — or you want to make your existing opener compliant with the new law — King Door’s team of professional installers is ready to help you make the switch. Offering a variety of LiftMaster Garage Door Openers with Battery Backup, King Door is committed to helping you choose the right product at the right price. On July 1, 2019, SB-969 will take effect. Once it takes effect, homeowners who purchase and install a new garage door opener will be held accountable for making sure they have a working battery backup in place.

Primarily serving Kern County, King Door offers a large inventory of garage doors and parts, many of which we keep on our service trucks. This means we’re often able to complete installation and repair services in one trip, saving you time and money. Our technicians are professionals who have been well-trained and bring years of experience and dedication to the job, ensuring your installation will be completed correctly and efficiently.

If you’re considering a battery backup for an existing or new garage door opener, let King Door walk you through the process. We’re happy to answer your questions and help you make sure your garage door opener complies with SB-969. For more information, call us at 661-397-2744 or contact us online today.

liftmaster garage door opener battery backup

Wood & Faux Wood Garage Doors in Kern County, CA

Faux Wood Fiberglass Garage Door

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Are you looking to upgrade your home’s garage door? If you’re like many folks, you love the classic, natural look of wood — wood garage doors have long been a popular choice for homeowners in Bakersfield and throughout Kern County. Typical materials include redwood, Douglas fir and cedar. As an alternative to real wood, you can also choose faux wood garage doors consisting of a steel core with a wood overlay. It’s hard to tell the difference between a high-quality faux wood and a genuine wood garage door.

Should I Get a Wood or a Faux Wood Garage Door?

Having trouble deciding whether a faux wood or wood garage door is the better choice for your home? Evaluation of the following factors can help you make an informed decision:

    • Consistent appearance: Although a well-crafted faux wood door will closely match a wood door in visual appeal, not all faux wood products offer the same level of quality. A natural wood door will provide a more attractive presentation than a poorly made faux wood door.
    • Reliability: Faux wood doors tend to hold up better over time than their wood counterparts. The steel core provides more effective protection against the elements and will resist damage from vehicle collisions. While both types are extremely durable, faux wood doors are more resistant to cracks and moisture.
    • Customization: Unlike faux wood doors, natural wood products are typically made to order. The buyer has a greater opportunity to create a product to their specifications. On the downside, homeowners often must wait longer for their door because of the extra time required for customization.
    • Maintenance: Faux wood garage doors are easier to maintain than wood doors — they’re less susceptible to rotting as well as damage caused by moisture, insects and the elements. On the other hand, you’ll need to repaint, resand and reseal a wood door every two to three years to keep it in peak condition and extend its lifespan.
    • Cost: Factors such as the expense of cedar and redwood and the customization process result in a higher price for wood doors. Faux wood doors are also faster and easier to install, which contributes to a lower upfront cost.
    • Resale value: While the purchase price for a natural wood garage door may be higher, you could recoup the cost when the time comes to sell your home. Many buyers prefer genuine wood and are often willing to pay more for a residence with a wood garage door.


King Door Company, Inc.: Your One-Stop Source for Wood and Faux Wood Garage Doors in Kern County

King Door carries a wide selection of beautiful wood and faux wood garage doors from Clopay®, known as North America’s #1 residential garage door. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff can also help you determine which type will work best for your home. Feel free to stop by our Bakersfield showroom for a closer look and to meet our team. You can also contact us online to learn more.


Glass Garage Doors in Kern County, CA

When you’re in the market for a new garage door for your Kern County, California, home, you probably think of products made from traditional materials such as wood or steel. However, did you know you can purchase a garage door made of glass? More architects and homeowners are choosing glass garage doors to achieve a sleek, modern look for the home’s exterior. Glass has a way of making a residence appear warm and inviting — and a glass garage door will surely attract the attention of passersby.

Are Glass Garage Doors Safe?

Safety is a primary concern when considering a glass garage door for your home. You’re probably wondering if the glass will hold up against the impact of severe storms and hail. What would happen if someone accidentally runs into the door with a vehicle? Won’t it be easier for people — including burglars — to see inside?

While it’s true that glass garage doors aren’t as impact-resistant as those made from metal or wood, they’re less dangerous than you probably think. You can purchase a door made with tempered glass, which is a form of safety glass that’s chemically or thermally treated to enhance its strength and durability. It’s much tougher than untreated standard glass. You’ll find tempered glass in car windows and shower doors, and it even serves as a component in bulletproof glass.

Although tempered glass isn’t shatterproof, it does over a distinct advantage over traditional glass. When it shatters, it creates particles that are much smaller and not nearly as sharp, which significantly reduces the risk of injury. To alleviate privacy concerns, you can choose from various forms of frosted, tinted or mirrored glass to keep people from seeing inside your garage.

What Are the Benefits of Glass Garage Doors?

Homeowners in Kern County and elsewhere are choosing glass doors for a variety of reasons:

  • Natural lighting: The transparency of glass doors enables sunlight to enter and brighten an otherwise dreary garage space. You also won’t need to use the interior electric lighting as much, which will lower your utility bills.
  • Curb appeal: Glass creates a clear, modern appearance that will make your home more attractive. It can also make it more appealing to prospective buyers when you put your home on the market, which can increase the resale value.
  • Customization: Glass doors are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, allowing you to achieve the ideal look that complements your home’s exterior decor.
  • Low maintenance: Glass garage doors typically consist of aluminum frames that resist rust and don’t require protective coatings. The only preventive maintenance steps involve wiping the glass panels periodically to remove dirt and smudges.

King Door Company, Inc.: The Best Place to Buy Glass Garage Doors in Kern County

King Door has been providing high-quality garage doors to homeowners in Kern County since 1985. We feature the Cloapy® AVANTE® Collection of contemporary tempered glass and aluminum windows that will dramatically improve your home’s curb appeal. Visit our Bakersfield showroom for a closer look or contact us to learn more today.

Eco-Friendly Garage Doors in Kern County, CA

If you’re like a lot of folks in Bakersfield and Kern County, California, you’re trying your best to be a good steward of the environment — and that includes making your home as eco-friendly as possible. You recognize that going green helps to preserve our natural resources and make your home more energy-efficient. Installing Clopay® eco-friendly garage doors is one way you can contribute to a healthier environment and potentially save a lot of money on your utility bills.

What Are Environmentally Friendly Garage Doors?

Green garage doors now play a prominent role in the designing of new homes and when upgrading existing structures. They exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Structural integrity: The term “structural integrity” refers to an object’s ability to withstand weight and force without breaking. Clopay’s® eco-friendly garage doors are designed and built to handle extreme wind and other destructive forces. The result is a longer door lifespan, which conserves materials and resources by preventing the need for a premature replacement.
  • Material efficiency: Environmentally friendly garage doors like the ones made by Clopay® often consist of materials such as recycled wood fibers, scrap steel and polystyrene that perform just as well as new components.
  • Energy efficiency: Green garage doors typically contain insulation and weatherproofing to help maintain the garage at the ideal temperature throughout the year. A climate-controlled garage also prevents excessively warm or cold air from seeping into the home’s exterior.
  • Manufacturing efficiency: Clopay® eco-friendly doors are the product of efficient manufacturing processes that leave a smaller environmental footprint and comply with all relevant EPA guidelines.

Why Should You Consider Installing an Eco-Friendly Garage Door?

Installing a green garage door on your Kern County home can deliver a host of benefits:

  • Lower utility bills: Because green doors help to prevent heat gain and loss, your home’s HVAC system won’t have to work as hard. That translates to lower energy costs.
  • Reduced ownership costs: The quality and durability of today’s environmentally friendly garage doors make them easy to maintain and helps eliminate expensive repair bills. It also lengthens the time between door replacements.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: Eco-friendly doors come in a wide variety of beautiful styles and colors that will dramatically improve your home’s exterior appearance.

Why Choose Clopay® and King Door Company, Inc. for Green Garage Doors in Kern County?

King Door has been providing an assortment of eco-friendly home building products in Kern County since 1985. We’re proud to offer Clopay products, known as America’s No. 1 garage door. Eco-friendly Clopay garage doors come in numerous attractive styles to match any home’s exterior decor. As a Clopay authorized dealer, we can sell and install your door and provide expert maintenance and repair service for as long as you own it.

Get a Closer Look at Our Selection of Environmentally Friendly Garage Doors

We invite you to visit the fully appointed King Door showroom in Bakersfield for a closer look at our green garage door collection. You can also give us a call at 661-397-2744 or contact us online for more information.

How to Open Your Garage Door During a Power Outage

How to open your garage door during a power outage

How to Open Your Garage Door During a Power Outage

The modern convenience of the automatic garage door opener is so often taken for granted. Usually, all we have to do is press a button and watch the door go up and down as if by magic. For the most part, we don’t really think about how this technology works — electricity. If your power goes out, whether from a storm or nearby power line maintenance, your garage door opener might not work at the touch of a button like you normally expect.

If the power goes out, you may need to disconnect the opener and open your garage door by hand to park your car or get to work. It’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with how to do this before you need it. Doing so now will help you avoid searching in the dark for your overhead door’s user manual.

Steps to Open Your Garage Door When the Power Is Out

Even when a power outage stops your garage door opener from working, you can still use your garage. All you have to do is disengage the opener motor and manually open and close the door until the power comes back on.

1. Follow Safety Precautions

First, while the door is closed, unplug or disconnect your automatic opener. This step is crucial to keep you safe while you’re working near the overhead door. It ensures nothing will cause it to operate while you’re opening it by hand.

It’s also vital to start from the closed position. Even when the power is out, your garage door opener helps keep the door up. Disconnecting it from the unit during an outage may cause the door to slam downward. If your power goes out while the door is open, we recommend you give us a call at (661) 397-2744 to request our 24-hour emergency services.

You might also consider propping the door open with a ladder or using C-clamps along the side tracks. This precaution can keep the door in place temporarily while you wait for help to arrive.

Release rope for an opener

2. Locate and Pull the Red Emergency Release Cord

Next, pull the emergency release cord down and away from the door to disconnect the opener. To find the emergency cord, look for a rope with a red handle hanging down from the garage door opener’s track, centered along the ceiling. Once you’ve released the door from the automatic opener track, you should hear a click.

If you’re locked outside the garage, you can locate the emergency release kit from the outside of the door. You should find a lock tumbler on one of the top panels. Unlocking it will reveal a thin cable. Pulling it will disengage your automatic opener from the outside. If opening your garage door from the outside, you’ll also want to unlock it from the bottom and pull the handle to the vertical position.

3. Manually Lift the Door up and Down

Once you’ve pulled the emergency release cord, it is safe to open the garage door manually. To do this, grab the overhead door’s bottom and handle and raise it straight up until it is open all the way. Before letting go of the handle, check that the door will stay open on its own. If the springs are intact and properly balanced, you should be able to lift the door easily and have it stay in place.

If you feel significant resistance as you’re opening it, leave it closed and call the professionals at King Door Company, Inc. to inspect the door. We offer 24/7 emergency services and can replace your springs promptly to avoid further damage or safety risks.

If you can safely open your door, feel free to move your car in or out as needed. To keep your home and belongings protected, make sure to close the garage door when you’re done using it. Pull the door down by its handle, and lock it from the inside by sliding the lock bar by hand. 

If your garage door system didn’t come with a lock bar, consider using a padlock or a C-clamp just above the rollers on one of the side tracks. Locking the door through any of these means will prevent someone from opening your garage door from the outside until power returns to your automatic opener. 

4. Reconnect the Garage Door After the Power Returns

Whenever you manually open the door, you must physically disengage the trolley, which is the part of the garage door that connects to the opener track. You’ll have to reengage the opener to use it with the touch of a button again. First, make sure to unlock the lock bar before reconnecting the garage door. Opening the door with the lock bar in place can cause damage.

Next, pull the red rope hanging off the trolley down and toward the door. If you’ve reengaged the trolley properly, you should notice that the spring is now compressed. When it is disengaged, the spring is stretched.

If the power is back on and your opener is working correctly, reconnecting it is as simple as pressing the button on your remote. The motor will whir to life and keep moving until it connects with the trolley on its own — just wait until you hear a click. If this step doesn’t work or the power hasn’t returned yet, manually slide the door along the track until you hear the click.

You can test if it worked by operating the garage door once the power returns. If these steps don’t reconnect the automatic opener as expected, give us a call.

Garage Door Maintenance After a Storm

If your power went out from a storm, it’s crucial to examine your garage door for storm damage before reconnecting your automatic opener. If your door sustained significant damage, you could create safety concerns or worsen the door’s condition by opening it before it’s fixed.

Make sure the track mounts on either side of the door haven’t pulled away from the wall. Look for damaged or bent sections on the door itself and any loose hardware. If you have a wood door with signs of water damage, have it repaired quickly so the door doesn’t warp or rot.

Get a garage door opener with a batter backup from King Door Company Inc

Get a Garage Door Opener With a Battery Backup From King Door Company, Inc.

If you’d like to save yourself from ever manually opening the garage, you can invest in a motorized garage door opener that includes a battery backup feature. Battery backups allow your garage door to open a certain number of times while the power is out. Instead of using the emergency release and lifting the door by hand, you can use the entry keypad or remote as you usually would. All the safety sensors will work as intended, making you even safer during a storm.

Prepare for the next power outage with King Door Company, Inc. We offer a wide selection of advanced LiftMaster garage door openers with battery backup capabilities. We’re happy to advise you on your options and install your new opener with a battery backup.

Contact King Door, your local garage door company, if you ever experience damage or have any questions about the safety of your garage door during a storm or power outage. Call us at (661) 397-2744 or fill out our contact form for more information.

Keep Your Bakersfield, CA Home Safe with Security Shutters

Security Shutters for Homes in Bakersfield, CA

When you think of security shutters, you might think of the security gates or steel curtains retail centers pull down at the end of the day. While security shutters are widely installed for commercial purposes, they’re becoming more popular as a long-lasting, durable layer of home security.

Having an ineffective or weak home security system can lead to persistent safety concerns, damaged valuables and loss of irreplaceable personal items. Doors and windows with security shutters installed act as both an intimidating visual and sturdy physical deterrent to home intruders. By installing security shutters for your Bakersfield, CA home, you’re assured the most effective, dependable and lasting home security solution.

Keep Your Home Secure With Security Shutters

Security shutters for homes aren’t noisy, rusty or unattractive. They are manufactured from high-quality steel or anodized aluminum and are available in a wide range of design options and styles to complement your home’s exterior and meet your unique security needs. When you install security shutters for your Bakersfield home, you can expect one-of-a-kind security solutions as well as the following benefits:

  • Exceptional Burglar-Proof Security: When intruders are targeting a home, they’re looking for properties with poor security efforts and weak points for easy home access with minimal detection. Homes with security shutters not only look complicated to break into, but they’re nearly impossible to be tampered with — security shutters are an unbreakable layer of protection.
  • Quality Exterior Protection: Not only can home security shutters not be tampered with, but they also prevent vandalism and broken windows. Security shutters are crafted from durable metal materials that are sturdy as well as fire resistant. If a burglar attempted to break into your home by using fire to weaken your door and window structure, they’d find the effort useless since the security shutter would refuse to give. In addition to their exceptional reliability, security shutters are also useful daily devices and can shade your home and keep your indoor temperature comfortable.
  • Design Variety: Some homeowners may be hesitant to install security shutters for their home because of fear of decreased curb appeal, but security shutters are available in a wide variety of different color options. By blending your security shutters’ coloring into your home’s facade, they’ll integrate seamlessly into the exterior and won’t decrease your home’s aesthetic. When selecting a color for your security shutters, you’ll also have the option of choosing an operating mechanism that works best for your needs and expectations. Security shutters are available in pull-down, hand-crank and motorized options.

Choose King Door for Home Security Shutters in Bakersfield

At King Door Co., we’re dedicated to offering the most dependable, durable security shutters for homes throughout Bakersfield, CA. With our quality Clopay security shutters, you’re guaranteed lasting protection, resilient home security and peace of mind that your home will always be protected against unwanted intruders. We’re a locally owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience throughout the Bakersfield community, and we’re thrilled to provide affordable, personalized garage door solutions along with quality repair, installation and maintenance services.

Request your free service estimate or give us a call at 661-397-2744 to learn more about how security shutters can help protect your home.

Keep Your Business Secure with Security Shutters

Security Shutter Installation Professionals Serving Bakersfield, CA, Businesses

When you own a business, it’s crucial to ensure the safety and security of your property, merchandise and employees. Poor business security leads to lost or damaged merchandise and destroyed property, such as windows and doors, as well as lingering doubt and uncertainty about the long-term protection and quality of your company.

As a Bakersfield, California, business owner, you don’t have to settle for rising vandalism rates and ongoing fear that your property will be regularly burgled. Invest in high-quality security shutters intended to improve safety and provide lasting, reliable protection.

Keep Businesses Secure With Quality, Durable Security Shutters

If you’re a proud Bakersfield business owner, then improve your security efforts by installing a dependable, strong security shutter. Security shutters are mounted above a doorway, window or opening and easily roll down by hand, crank or motor to cover an opening and provide lasting protection. No matter what type of business you own or manage, a security shutter can be easily adapted and customized for your daily usage and security. Security shutters are ideal for storefronts and retail centers, pharmacy counters, restaurants and cafeterias, concessions stands, cashier areas and product cases.

These shutters are crafted from either steel or anodized aluminum for superior heavy-duty use and resistance. Anodizing is a process for adding a protective coating to aluminum materials by electrostatically oxidizing the metal’s surface. Anodized products are attractive and maintain the metal’s natural luster, are harder and more durable than non-anodized materials, and will never peel or wear through.

By having a security shutter constructed from anodized aluminum, you can experience the following benefits:

  • A material that will not break down, decompose or corrode
  • A non-toxic product that is safe for long-term daily use
  • An environmentally friendly security solution that can be recycled after use

Benefits of Installing Commercial Security Shutters in Bakersfield

By installing new commercial window shutters for your Bakersfield business, you’re assured longlasting protection and security. They can help you avoid break-ins at your business and provide peace of mind that your property will stay safe and remain appealing for customers. With security shutters keeping your business secure, you’ll also experience:

  • Year-round security and a physical and visual deterrent to unwanted intruders
  • A unique, sturdy locking system that will keep your door soundly secure
  • Door and window protection from inclement climates and windborne debris — customization options are available to meet specific wind codes
  • Added insulation from noise pollution, extreme heat, high winds and other outdoor conditions
  • Easy daily use with exceptional construction ensuring smooth operations and customized with either manual or motorized mechanisms
  • Improved privacy for your property to guarantee security and protection
  • Added curb appeal with a variety of colors to choose from, allowing you to customize your security shutters to enhance the look of your business

Choose King Door, Your Locally Owned Bakersfield Garage Door Dealer, Today

King Door Co. is Bakersfield’s solution for improved business security — ensuring lasting protection, durability and peace of mind. We offer a variety of different security shutters to suit your business needs from leading commercial door manufacturers, such as QMI and Clopay. Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable commercial garage door technicians will work closely with you to find and install quality security shutters or garage doors that will improve your business’s security for years to come. All our security shutters have been extensively tested against the harshest climates and conditions to ensure lasting durability and finishes.

To learn more about our commercial security shutters, check out our page and call us today at 661-397-2744 to speak to a team member or complete our online contact form to request additional information. You can also request a free service estimate by filling out our online form.

6 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe Around Your Garage Door

Pets are a part of the family, which is why you’re crazy about keeping them safe — and as pet owners, we are too.

That’s why we’re sharing six tips to keep your pets safe around garage doors:

1. Protect Your Garage Door’s Components

Cats, as well as dogs, are notorious for their chewing habits. That’s why it’s vital that you protect any exposed components of your garage door, such as wiring. If you find that Mr. Fluffers went to town on your garage door’s automatic opener wiring, hold off on using your garage door and instead call a professional to inspect your door and complete any repairs.

2. Install Your Pet Door Away From Your Garage Door

For many homeowners, a pet door is a wonderful convenience. It lets your dogs come and go, providing them free access to your backyard, as well as gives your cats a bit of freedom. When it comes to garage doors and pet safety, however, it’s critical that you install your pet door away from your garage door. Use your garage’s entry door, for instance, or the door to your patio.

3. Know Your Pet’s Schedule and Favorite Spots

If your pets do use your garage as an escape, know where they go. This garage door pet safety tip often applies to cats more than dogs, as felines are more liable to sleep on your garage door when raised — but if your dog likes to lay where your garage door rests when its opened, keep track of this, too. Our best advice? Try to deter your pets from using your garage.

4. Enable Your Garage Door’s Automatic Sensors

A mandated feature on all garage doors is automatic sensors, which initiate the reversing mechanism. This mechanism stops your garage door from closing when something’s caught by the sensors, such as your cat’s or dog’s tail. Make sure you have your automatic sensor on and then test it. We recommend a roll of paper towels or toilet paper.

5. Schedule Your Garage Door’s Annual Maintenance

Another way to keep pets safe around garage doors is through preventative maintenance. Aim for a check-up once a year from your trusted garage door provider. They’ll inspect and test your door, as well as take care of any issues, such as a worn torsion spring or faulty automatic sensor. It’s tempting to skip your door’s annual maintenance, but when it comes to garage doors, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

6. Get Your Home a Quality Garage Door

Practicing garage door pet safety begins with a quality garage door. Visit King Door Company–your local garage door expert, talk to our staff, and learn about our practices. You want a garage door company that values not only your safety but that of your pets. Our approach reveals a lot about our company, as well as our practices. The result? A reliable, quality garage door that keeps you and your pets safe.

Trust King Door Company, Inc. for Pet-Approved Garage Doors

At King Door Company, Inc., we’ve provided the Bakersfield, CA community and surrounding area with honest, quality care and high-quality garage doors for more than 30 years. With an experienced team of representatives and technicians, we ensure you receive everything you need to keep your pets safe around your garage door, from preventative maintenance services to emergency care.

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Garage Doors & Child Safety: 3 Tips You Need to Know

We love the adventurous side of our children, from roaming across their swing set to cruising through the park on their bike. That sense of adventure, however, can lead to trouble. And while your child may interact with your garage door each day, such as by watching you use the garage door opener, it’s essential to learn how to keep your children safe around garage doors.

How can you ensure your child’s safety around garage doors? With these three garage door tips:

1. Schedule Regular Maintenance for Your Garage Door

We often underestimate the load our garage doors handle, as well as how hard they work. Like our cars, they require regular maintenance. That’s why it’s essential to invest in preventative maintenance for your garage door, providing your family the opportunity to catch issues before they develop into life-threatening ones, such as a weak spring that eventually fails.

In most cases, you’ll want to schedule an annual check-up for your garage door, unless you or your family notice the following symptoms:

  • Abnormal noises
  • Uneven door
  • Manual opening difficulties

If your door’s damaged in any way, such as a dent from a delivery person, you should also request repairs as exterior damages can impact your door’s balance.

2. Check Your Garage Door’s Safety Features

A vital tip for keeping children safe around garage doors is reviewing your garage door’s manual and safety features. Following your door’s installation by a professional, it’s tempting to tuck the manual away in a drawer, but reading and testing those safety features is a must-follow garage door safety tip.

What features should you test first? A universal one — the reversing mechanism. This mechanism is familiar to everyone, and you’ve likely seen it in action too. If you recall a time when you dropped an item and went to close your garage door with your opener, only to watch it stop and return to its open position, then you’re familiar with the reversing mechanism.

Test your door’s reversing mechanism by grabbing a small household object, such as a roll of paper towels or toilet paper. Lay it down across your door’s threshold, or where it rests when closed. Press your garage door opener and wait for the reversing mechanism. If your garage door does not stop and instead lowers onto your test object, check to see if your automatic sensor is off — if it is, contact a garage door professional right away.

3. Choose a Reliable, Quality Garage Door for Your Home

Another critical tip for garage doors and child safety is the type of door you choose for your home. From start to finish, you need to prioritize quality. Work with a reputable garage door company in your area, ensuring they provide honest advice that’s unmotivated by sales quotas. You’ll also want to make sure the company installing your garage door maintains a qualified team of technicians.

By incorporating a reliable and quality garage door into your home, you’re building on your plan to keep your children safe around your garage doors.

Choose King Door Door Company, Inc.

King Door Company, Inc. has been performing safe garage door installations in Bakersfield, CA for more than 30 years. In the three decades since our start, we’ve continued to deliver on our values of honest, quality care that goes above and beyond for your family. That’s why we offer affordable preventative maintenance programs that can ensure the proper operation of your door and minimize the risk of injury to your children and family. 

Contact us for more door safety tips or to schedule a convenient service appointment today.

Do I Need an Insulated Garage Door in California?

You live in an area that offers near-perfect weather conditions. Most of the country can only dream of the temperatures experienced in the Bakersfield, CA region. Above-freezing temperatures in the winter and 70’s in the fall and spring make you wonder why anyone would consider garage door insulation. Are insulated garage doors worth it?

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A Look at the Weather

Let’s first consider the season we haven’t mentioned. Summers in California bring temperatures of up to 100 degrees. Then, let’s go back to those winter temperatures. While they may stay above freezing most of the time, 40 degrees is still fairly cool. It’s important to keep these extremes for July and January in mind, realizing that the average temperature of 65 degrees does not occur every day. There are many times of year when insulation is necessary to maintain comfortable surroundings despite cold or hot air outside.

In either of these situations, you definitely want to keep the outdoor weather where it belongs — outside. You don’t want it creeping through your garage and into your house.

The ideal solution is an insulated garage door. Why? It offers several advantages.

Benefits of Insulated Garage Doors

If you’re asking yourself “Do I need an insulated garage door?” consider the following advantages you could enjoy:

Energy Efficiency

Your garage connects to other parts of your house. It may have rooms above it and living areas adjacent to it. However, garages have different construction standards than other parts of the home. They have less insulation. This means the garage is a great source of energy loss. Your air conditioning and heating can easily escape through the garage. Additionally, the garage allows outdoor air to enter your home.

An insulated garage door acts as a buffer to prevent this airflow. Since your garage is one of the least energy-efficient parts of your home, an insulated garage door helps regulate the temperature inside your garage — as well as inside your living space.

As a result, you save energy. You’re no longer wasting heating or cooling that is simply overpowered by a poorly insulated garage. It makes your home’s HVAC more efficient and your overall energy use more green.

An added benefit of this energy efficiency is lower heating and cooling bills and less strain on your HVAC system. When it is operating more efficiently, an HVAC system is less likely to need repairs and is more likely to have a longer lifespan. The final result is significant overall savings on your utilities.


Did you know insulated garage doors have a different construction than uninsulated doors? Insulated models have a strengthening layer of polystyrene or polyurethane that helps them better withstand wear and tear. This extra material prevents the normal sagging, bending and ripping that often occurs over time with uninsulated doors, and it extends the life of the garage door.

Consider what a garage door typically endures. Storms and outdoor debris can cause extensive damage to garage doors. Even though Bakersfield, CA sees few rainstorms, wind and sunlight can still cause wear and tear. Additionally, forward and backward bumps from cars and kids playing ball against the door all take their toll. However, the added insulation makes the door more durable to withstand these conditions and situations.


An insulated garage door offers protection for you, your home and your belongings in several ways. First, it offers insulation against temperature. This helps protect any items you have stored in your garage. Do you keep any chemicals, cleaners or other liquids in the garage? Extreme heat or cold can cause dangerous situations for some of these products. By insulating your garage door, you prevent these extremes and make your garage a safer place to store these items.

The regulated climate can also protect your vehicle. When a car is exposed to extreme temperatures, a host of systems can be affected. Cold weather is harsh on belts, liquids, brakes electrical systems and tires. Hot temperatures make the interior uncomfortable to enter, and it can also be harsh on accessories such as window tinting and electronics. By keeping the temperature in your garage more comfortable, you save your car from some of this wear and tear and make it more welcoming to drive in the middle of a hot afternoon.

An insulated garage door can also add a level of security to your home. Older, uninsulated doors may be easier to break into. A durable, insulated door can help protect your home against potential thieves by offering a stronger barrier.

Noise Reduction

How loud is your garage door? All garage doors make some noise, but lightweight doors without insulation are often the noisiest. This sound can be particularly disruptive if the garage is located under a bedroom. Waking a sleeping spouse, child or infant by opening and closing the garage door is a situation most people want to avoid. Insulated garage doors are quieter. Their extra weight helps keep the panels from rattling against the frame, and the insulation offers a sound-muffling advantage to keep your entries and exits more peaceful.

This sound buffer is also helpful to keep sounds inside the garage. If your garage acts as a game-watching man cave, tool shop, ping pong arena or other noisy space, an insulated garage door can allow you to enjoy these activities without disturbing others.

The reverse works, too. If you spend a lot of time in your garage, your insulated garage door can help muffle any sounds from the exterior. If you want peace and quiet for hobby time, working out or other garage activities, your insulation helps provide a quiet environment.

Temperature Control

Does your garage face east or west? If so, it probably heats up quite a bit in the mornings or evenings. This can make it difficult to keep warm air out and cold air in.

An insulated garage door helps keep this temperature more constant. Rather than becoming a sweatbox in the summer and an icebox in the winter, your garage temperature is better regulated.

Alternate Purpose and Year-Round Usability

Because your insulated garage door helps regulate the temperature, you can more easily use this space for something other than car storage. If you want to set up a living space or complete projects in it, you can do so more comfortably. Plus, the more pleasant and consistent temperatures mean year-round usability.

If you will be spending a lot of time in the space, an insulated garage door can also provide a more aesthetically pleasing atmosphere. These doors offer attractive finishes that will complement your living space. With an insulated garage door in place, you can transform the area into a comfortable workshop, bonus room, bedroom, craft room or other hobby space to enjoy.

ROI and Better Resale Value

Did you know garage door replacement offers one of the highest returns on investment among all home remodeling projects? According to 2023 data, homeowners recoup, on average, 102.7% of the cost of a new garage door at resale. That means you get to reap all the benefits of an insulated garage door, and it could end up costing you nothing!

For ROI comparison, consider two other common remodels, kitchens and baths. A midrange major kitchen remodel offers an average return of 41.8%, and a midrange bathroom remodel recoups 66.7%. 

Does an insulated garage door make a difference to potential buyers? The answer is “yes.” You may fetch higher prices and make your home more attractive through:

  • Higher visual appeal.
  • Increased safety features in newer-model designs.
  • Quieter operation.
  • Flexible-use space.
  • Higher energy savings.
  • Increased prevention against pests and pollution.
  • Longer life spans.
  • More asset protection.

With such a great payoff, replacing your old, uninsulated door with a new, insulated door is a clear win.

Pest Prevention

A mouse only needs a space the size of a dime to enter your home. An insulated garage door can help keep rodents out of your house.

It will be harder for pests to slip in through the garage door and set up their nest in your space. This can save you time and money on traps, poisons and calls to the exterminator. It also offers peace of mind, as you are surrounded by a more pleasant environment.

Can’t I Just Insulate My Current Garage Door?

To insulate your garage door, it is possible to add insulation to your current door. However, this is not a recommended solution. To do this, you must add insulation material to a door not designed to hold it. Additionally, insulation options such as insulation foam are typically created with flat spaces in mind. If applied to a garage door, the insulation material is subject to constant folding and bending. Over time, the insulation can flake or unravel. You’ll probably have to re-apply the insulation regularly. This could become costlier than purchasing a new door already equipped with insulation. It could also prove to be time-consuming.

Adding insulation to a door also adds weight. This can cause a weakening of the springs and cause the door to dip or break. The extra weight can lead to balance issues, resulting in the need for professional garage door repair services.

That means the better solution is to simply purchase an insulated garage door. Properly equipped with insulation, this design holds up better over time and offers fewer maintenance issues.

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Insulated Garage Door

There are numerous questions to consider when shopping for an insulated garage door in the Bakersfield area.

What Type of Insulated Garage Door Is Best?

If you’ve considered the question, “Do I need an insulated garage door?” and have determined this is a good solution for your home, the next decision you need to make is which type of insulated garage door to choose. Your two main options are steel doors and wooden doors.

A steel door offers several advantages:

  • Low maintenance: Steel doors require little maintenance, making them a popular choice among homeowners seeking simple solutions. They withstand weather and use well.
  • Energy efficiency: Steel garage doors offer high-quality insulation values that increase your energy efficiency.
  • Economy: Steel insulated garage doors are typically more affordable than wooden doors. If you are seeking a more economical solution, steel is probably the best option.
  • Design: Steel doors are available in many design options to suit many tastes and settings. With so many options, you’re likely to find something fitting for your home.

Wooden doors also offer distinct advantages:

  • Custom design: Wooden doors are often used to add a custom look to the home’s exterior. Wooden garage doors can be fit to match unique architectural designs. Their customization makes them a popular choice for homeowners who seek a personalized touch for their garage.
  • Curb appealAs a high-end option, wooden doors are often viewed as an attractive feature that can increase curb appeal and thus the value of the home.
  • Sound-proofing: While any insulated garage door will reduce noise, wood offers better sound-deadening qualities than steel.

Since either material offers similar benefits of insulated garage doors, the ultimate decision typically boils down to your personal taste and budget for your door.

What About R-Values?

As you consider various insulated garage door options, it’s important to understand the terminology used to rate these doors. A garage door’s R-value indicates how well it will insulate your garage. It measures the door’s resistance to heat flow. The higher the R-value, the better the resistance.

R-values will differ between manufacturers and door models, and they depend on the amount and insulation type used.

When researching whether garage door R-values are worth it, you may come across another term — the U-factor. This factor measures a material’s heat loss potential. In contrast to R-values, the lower the U-factor, the better insulation the material offers. The measurement is less common than the R-value since not all garage door manufacturers use or report it. 

Consider how you plan to use your garage as you decide what level rating you should seek for your door. If you will be using this area as living space, look for better ratings. If you don’t spend a lot of time in your garage, you may be happy with a lower rating. Keep in mind, though, that higher R-values help with energy efficiency in your garage and the attached home. The experienced professionals at King Door Company can use their extensive knowledge to help with this decision.

Which Type of Insulation Is Best?

Garage doors typically use one of two types of insulation — polystyrene or polyurethane. 

Polystyrene insulation is styrofoam. Manufacturers layer this material in different thicknesses to produce higher R-values.

Polyurethane is more similar to a liquid, and it expands to fill the gaps between the door’s layers. The substance bonds with the door’s frame during expansion, giving it additional strength and protection against dents or impact damage. Polyurethane generally produces higher R-values than polystyrene.

How Often Is the Door Open?

Another factor to think about is how often you open your garage door and for how long. Frequent cycling or leaving the door raised for an extended time will impact the insulation’s benefits — an open door’s R-value is zero.

What About Style?

A new residential garage door lets you express your home’s personality in a unique way. There are almost limitless ways to customize the door for maximum style and curb appeal. For example, you can choose various color finishes, materials and hardware to harmonize with your home.

Some homeowners enjoy decorative style options like windows, yet these can affect the door’s R-value. Those who prefer this charming and distinctive look may want to consider customizing their new door with insulated windows.

How Much Does an Insulated Garage Door Cost?

The cost of an insulated garage door is influenced by the options you select. The final price will vary based on:

  • Size and number of doors
  • Material
  • Design
  • Opening style
  • Installation costs
  • Insulation type and thickness
  • Custom and decorative options
  • Additional upgrades, such as equipping your door with a new garage door opener

You can request a personalized estimate from King Door Company, Inc. for your new design to help you budget more effectively.

How Do I Choose the Best Brand?

Buying a new insulated garage door for your home is a substantial investment in your property. Since manufacturers and their offerings differ, choosing a trustworthy brand focused on quality, durability, style and safety is crucial. Ask the following questions to help you identify the best brand:

  • What is the manufacturer’s reputation for quality?
  • Does the door carry a warranty? What does it cover, and how long does it last?
  • What materials and insulation types are available?
  • How much customization is possible?
  • Are there advanced features, such as smart home compatibility?

Once you pinpoint the ideal brand, you can find the right expert to order and install your new doors.

Why Work With King Door Company, Inc.?

Your final step in choosing an insulated garage door is to locate a reliable company to supply your new door. It’s essential to choose a business that is worthy of your trust, will deliver what you need and will provide excellence in service and products.

King Door offers a long track record of success, with an extensive list of satisfied customers. We attribute our winning service to our distinct service advantages:

  • Extensive experience: King Door has been an industry leader since 1985. The original owner, Roman Ruiz, still runs the company today.
  • Professional excellence: Our highly trained technicians offer in-depth knowledge of insulated garage doors. Our employees arrive in clearly marked company vehicles to serve our clients with professionalism.
  • Superior service: The King Door team is always available to answer questions. We make customer care our top priority.
  • Accessible showroom: We offer a 4,000-square-foot showroom and parts store so our customers can view their options first-hand.
  • Virtual design: Our customers can use the unique Door Imagination System to virtually try out new insulated garage doors on their home.
  • Manufacturer warranties: Our quality products are all backed by trusted manufacturer warranties.
  • Modern innovations: King Door offers the latest designs and technology. We continuously strive to improve our products to deliver energy-efficient, green ideas.

Contact an Insulated Garage Door Specialist

Contact an Insulated Garage Door Specialist

To start reaping the benefits of an insulated garage door, talk to an expert at King Door. Our insulated garage door expertise is unparalleled in the industry. Reach one of our experienced staff today at 661-397-2744 or through our quick contact form.

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When Do I Need a New Garage Door?

Your garage door is a key aspect of your home’s exterior. It’s also integrated into your daily activities. Homeowners typically take both of these facts for granted. If you’re like many homeowners, you may miss signs you need a new garage door. This is because homeowners often overlook garage doors until they no longer work.

Once the door starts experiencing problems, homeowners wonder if they should repair or replace the door. Some even ignore the issue and simply hope the door continues to function. Others are unhappy with the appearance of their garage door but don’t want to spend the money on a new one if the old one still works.

raise the value of a home

The truth is, replacing a garage door can save time and money and raise the value of a home. While it can be a significant investment, these benefits make the project worth completing sooner rather than later. Therefore, it’s important to ask yourself: “How do I know I need a new garage door?”

Garage Door Getting Old? Time for a New One

If you’re wondering if it’s time to replace your garage door, watch for the following garage M.O.N.S.T.E.R.S. If you notice one or more of these red flags, it’s time to get a new garage door in your Bakersfield, CA-area home.


Does your garage door require significant maintenance? It’s a good idea to properly care for your garage door, and this includes regular maintenance. However, if your garage door needs lots of repairs and has become unreliable, it’s time to invest in a new one. Frequent maintenance on a door that should be retired can quickly add up to the cost of a new door. Stop pouring resources into your old door and install a new, reliable one that will require little maintenance for years to come.


Consider the appearance of your garage door:

  • Does it match the rest of your home’s exterior?
  • Does it add to your home’s curb appeal?

This is especially important to note if you have completed any exterior remodeling. Too many homes offer a gorgeous front entry, new windows and beautiful siding accompanied by an old garage door. Homeowners overlook this feature, either because they want to save time and money or they undervalue this piece of the home’s exterior.

This feature frequently makes up at least 40 percent of the façade of the house. Don’t let an outdated garage door detract from the appeal of your home’s exterior. If it doesn’t mesh with the architecture, get something that does.


This issue is challenging for homeowners to navigate since all garage doors make some noise. How can you tell if it’s too noisy? A new garage door runs smoothly and is relatively quiet. Over time, it may run louder. If you notice that your garage door has experienced a sudden noise increase, it is time to service your door. It is ready for an overhaul, at a minimum. It may need to be replaced.


How long does it take to open your garage door? When you push the button, do you experience a delay? While it might not be as fast as your smart phone, a healthy garage door should spring into action as soon as you activate the controls. If this is not the case with your door, you should have it serviced by a professional to determine if repairs are needed or if it’s time to replace the door.


Exposed to the elements, garage doors suffer from wear and tear. Dents, scratches, fading and other damage create a tired exterior. If your garage door has weathered car accidents and severe thunderstorms, it might look worse for the wear. You can repair dings for a while, but eventually, these imperfections take over the door and create an unattractive appearance you and your neighbors can’t ignore.


How high are your utility bills? Have they increased? Older garage doors lack modern insulation techniques that could save you a bundle on air conditioning and heating. Old weather stripping and bottom seals may have worn out. To reduce your utility expenses, consider replacing your old garage door with a new one that offers top-quality insulation for maximum energy efficiency.

reduce utility expenses


Some homeowners decide to transform their garage space to make it something other than vehicle storage. If your garage is, or will soon be, a workshop, man-cave, patio area, garden shed or other repurposed space, you probably need a new garage door. Modern garage doors are available in contemporary designs that include stylish windows and beautiful finishes. These could greatly enhance your remodeling plans.


New garage doors have built-in safety features, including automatic reversal if they come into contact with an object while closing. If your door lacks these features, you are taking unnecessary risks. Modern doors also offer additional security. They help keep your belongings and family safe from both the weather and potential burglars. If you want better safety and security performance from your garage door, it’s time to get a new garage door in Bakersfield, CA.

Enhance the Value and Look of Your Home with a New Garage Door

Your garage door has a huge impact on the curb appeal of your home. If you want to know how to raise the value of a home, look into garage door replacement. It can complete a makeover and send your property’s curb appeal through the roof. In fact, garage door upgrades rank in the top five home improvement projects that generate the greatest return on investment. On average, these projects offer a return on investment of over 90 percent. This return is so great because of the significant impact a garage door can make on the exterior of the home:

  • It offers balance: When a garage door doesn’t match the rest of the home’s architecture, the entire exterior is unbalanced. Homeowners often put a lot of effort into their front door but neglect the garage door. When you consider how much bigger and more prominent the garage door is, this doesn’t make sense.
  • It offers curb appeal: If your garage door is a bland afterthought that blends in with the rest of the home, you’re not getting the most out of it. This feature is the first thing you see when you pull into the driveway and makes up a significant portion of the home’s exterior. With modern finishes, you can easily create an attractive combination of home and garage. Choose vintage details, unique finishes, attractive panels and other designs to make your garage stand out.
  • It offers historic charm: How old is your home? The right garage door can help preserve a home’s original character. Has anyone altered its exterior since its original construction? Replacing the garage door can restore its charm. Hand-crafted garage doors, like those from Clopay, offer style and quality that make your home distinct. When you build it to your specifications to match your home’s style to a T, your new garage door can create stunning curb appeal.
  • It offers resale value: Few features have the power to impact the curb appeal of your home like the garage door. If you are wondering how to raise the value of a home, a new garage door is key. When a home features a sharp exterior, it is more attractive to buyers. The new garage door makes a sale more likely, and it helps increase the price buyers are willing to pay.

pour equity into your home

A garage door that provides an attractive exterior, reliable functionality, safety and security pours instant equity into the home. You’ll see a great return when buyers are instantly attracted to your property. On the other hand, being greeted by an older, uninviting garage door can easily turn off buyers.

What Type of Door Should You Get?

Custom options for modern garage doors are nearly limitless. This might make choosing a new garage door difficult. Following are a few of the most popular options and the advantages each offers. Keep in mind that appearance is only one concern as you choose a garage door. Functionality and longevity are also top considerations.

Steel Garage Doors

The best-selling doors today are steel. They are very durable. The material is rust-proof and resistant to dings and dents. Steel garage doors are also fairly affordable. They typically cost less than other types of garage doors.

Carriage House Garage Doors

These designs are growing in popularity. Reminiscent of actual carriage-house doors, these offer windows at the top of the door and charming handles in the center. The attractive design of this style can provide a boost to a home’s curb appeal.

Aluminum Garage Doors

Like steel, this material is dent resistant. However, it is more rust proof than steel. It is also lighter, making the door easier to maneuver. Aluminum can also be designed to mimic the appearance of painted wood.

Wood Garage Doors

This material offers the most possibilities for customization of your garage door. It is flexible in terms of design, and it looks elegant and distinctive. Since wooden garage doors can be pricey, many homeowners choose faux wood, which provides the look of wood for a lot less money.

Insulated Garage Doors

No matter what material you choose, it’s important to consider insulation for your garage door:

  • Do you have a room over the garage?
  • Are any of your family members light sleepers?

Insulating your garage helps control the temperature of any rooms over the garage. It also makes the garage door quieter. To reduce both noise and utility costs, consider a well-insulated door.

How Can You Select the Best Garage Door for Your Home?

After reviewing the options and deciding you want to get a new garage door in Bakersfield, CA, the next step is finalizing your selection process. Even within each category of style and materials, there are myriad options. Since this upgrade can completely makeover your home and boost your curb appeal, it’s important to choose wisely. Here are a few tips to help you with this process.

boost your curb appeal

Make It a Virtual-Reality Combo

It’s great to shop virtually for a garage door. Review your options online to get an idea of what you prefer. However, before you make a final selection, visit a King Door’s showroom. Garage doors may look different in person than they do on a website. Viewing them in reality will help you narrow your selection and ensure you choose a style you like.

Try It Out

Are you having a hard time picturing a new garage door on your home? Modern online design tools let you try the door on your home before you buy it. Clopay’s Door Imagination System allows you to upload a picture of your home, design a door and see what it would look like on your house.

Take a Tour

If you have an idea of what style you would like for your new garage door, look at other homes with the same design. King Door can provide reference homes to drive by. Seeing the garage door installed on a property can help you determine if it’s the right style for you.

Consider Other Factors

As mentioned previously, appearance is not the only thing to consider when choosing a new garage door. Also think about:

  • What material will work best for your lifestyle and location?
  • Which direction does your home face?
  • Do you need extra insulation to withstand hot afternoon sun?
  • Does your driveway see a lot of sports activity that may damage an easily dented door?

Choose the door that best matches your lifestyle.

Make Your Home Safer and More Efficient with a New Garage Door

Aesthetically, your new garage door can increase your home’s curb appeal and resale value. It can also boost your property’s energy efficiency and safety. Here’s how:

  • A new garage door saves energy. With better insulation and construction, your new garage door can reduce utility costs.
  • A new garage door is more durable. If you choose a well-insulated garage door, you will not only reduce your utility bills but also increase your garage door’s durability. You will enjoy greater longevity from your investment.
  • A new garage door is quieter. A smoothly operating, insulated door offers a reduction in noise level for your home. Enjoy fewer interruptions and quieter surroundings.
  • A new garage door helps protect your car and belongings. A modern door offers better construction and technology to keep your garage protected from the elements. It also provides strong materials to keep out intruders.
  • A new garage door adds convenience. If you plan to use your garage for something other than vehicle storage, a new door can make this space more comfortable. You won’t have to bake in the sun as you work in your shop if you have a nicely insulated door. You can enjoy extra sunlight through the windows of a carriage house door. The new door creates a more versatile space to use as you choose.

Why Choose King Door for Your Garage Door Replacement?

You’ve answered three important questions. How do I know I need a new garage door? When do I need a new garage door? And what style is best if I get a new garage door in Bakersfield, CA?

The final step is to choose a trusted company for your garage door replacement. You want someone who offers experience, in-depth knowledge and superior service.

trusted company for garage door replacement

King Door offers a long history of successful projects and an extensive list of satisfied customers. Our multiple service advantages include:

  • Over 32 years in the business. The original owner still runs King Door today. We are a trusted leader in the industry.
  • Excellence in service. Our staff is always available to answer questions or address concerns. Customer care is our top priority.
  • Highly trained professionals. Our technicians offer in-depth knowledge of our products and arrive in clearly marked company vehicles.
  • Accessible showroom. King Door offers an 11,000 square-foot facility with a 4,000 square-foot showroom and parts store.
  • Door Imagination System. Use Clopay Doors’ unique tool to virtually try out a new garage door on your home.
  • Product warranties. We only sell products of proven quality backed by trusted manufacturer warranties.
  • We respect your property and work hard to ensure you are happy. If a problem occurs, we immediately focus on the solution. Our team then follows up with prevention measures rather than try to place blame.
  • King Door is constantly striving to improve our products with energy-efficient, green ideas and the latest in designs and technology.

When you’re ready to enhance your home with a new garage door, get in touch with the experts at King Door. Contact us today at 661-397-2744 for a quote. We’ll walk you through the process and help you find the perfect door for your property.


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