Choosing a Commercial Fire Door

Featuring some of the same construction characteristics as rolling doors, commercial fire doors are specified in facilities that require a listed fire door in a rated fire wall. Fire doors are normally provided with fusible links that automatically release to close the door at 165° F. Smoke and heat detectors or a building’s alarm system can also trigger the door’s descent.

Fire-Rated Rolling Doors

Designed for larger openings, fire-rated rolling doors provide safety and fire protection and the ability to be operated frequently as a rolling service door. Fire rolling door options include:


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Fire-Rated Counter Shutters

Designed for smaller openings, fire-rated counter shutters provide the additional protection of a listed fire door on a rated fire wall.

A fire-rated counter door can offer invaluable protection for your business. These counter shutters not only provide security, but also protect your entire inventory from fire damage. Once you install your rolling fire shutter doors, you can lock up and relax with the confidence that your business is safe.

These counter shutter doors, available in 22-gauge galvanized steel or stainless steel, are appropriate for openings above counters, similar wall openings or even small door openings and openings close to the floor where a full rolling door will not fit.

King Door Company rolling commercial fire shutters with Integral Frame and Countertop are pre-assembled at the factory and can be fitted for window openings without the need for field assembly. This can be very efficient for your business in need of fire shutter doors.

Our standard fire-rated shutter doors fit openings up to 16’ wide for openings 7’6” or less in height and 12’ wide for openings between 7’7” and 10’ in height.

The rolling counter shutter with Integral Frame fits openings 10’ wide by 4’9” high.


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Service Fire Doors

These service doors come standard 30’ wide and 30’ high, but can accommodate openings up to 50’ wide and 30’ high. This is the perfect rolling fire door for almost any warehouse and industrial building to safely let goods and workers in and out.

They come insulated or non-insulated, with automatic closing on fire detection and governed speed control. This top-quality fire rolling door can also be custom-designed to meet your specific PSF wind load requirements. Available in 18, 20, 22 or 24-gauge galvanized steel, or 20-gauge stainless steel or aluminum. Operational upgrades, access control upgrades and in-house powder coating and finish upgrades are available.

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Smoke Control

Standard fire-rated shutters are available with UL-Classified smoke and draft control. While your primary reason for purchasing fire shutter doors will be to prevent fire from damaging your property, smoke control is extremely important. Smoke control with your rolling counter shutter can not only prevent damage to property and protect humans from injury, but it also limits oxygen flow to the fire, which can help stop the fire from spreading. In addition, your local business codes may require smoke control.

You need a rolling steel door or counter shutter for your business anyway, so why not opt for one that protects your inventory from fire, as well? Come down to our showroom or contact us to learn more about high-quality fire shutter doors and rolling fire doors from King Door Company today.

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