Traditional Panel Garage Doors


In historical homes, carriage houses are the structures where homeowners kept their carriages and buggies long before the appearance of the car. As cars became more prevalent and carriage houses became garages, the importance of the look and feel of a garage became even more essential to the attractiveness of the home.

Traditional panel garage doors were a go-to throughout the 20th century, as were garage doors made of steel. Today, these panel garage doors made of steel continue to serve as staples in the garage door industry, offering homeowners traditional garage doors that can perform reliably over the long-term while also enhancing a home’s appearance.

At King Door, we have a huge selection of traditional steel garage doors and traditional panel garage doors. As a Clopay® dealer, you can be assured that the traditional garage doors you find in our selection represent the highest standards of quality and attractiveness. When you want the best among traditional garage doors in Bakersfield and throughout Kern & Tulare County, find the selection you need at King Door.

The Traditional Panel Look

Not familiar with traditional panel garage doors? You’ve definitely seen them, as they’re the most common garage door style. But even within the panel garage door niche, you still enjoy a range of options.

You’ll find both short and long panel steel garage doors from Clopay®, as well as raised, recessed and flush panel designs that are a little more striking and intricate. You may want a traditional panel garage door, but you’ll still need to decide what type of panel garage door works best at your home. Start with the Clopay® Value, Value Plus and Premium series for ideas.


Choosing the Right Material

Traditional steel garage doors are perhaps the most common. Consumers love the look of steel, and traditional steel garage doors also require little in the way of upkeep and maintenance. But traditional panel garage doors need not be made of steel. You’ll also find options in other materials, including real wood.

You’ll need to make a decision about the type of maintenance you’re willing to perform on your traditional garage door, the budget you have for a traditional garage door, as well as the look and feel you want to achieve for your home and its unique architecture.

Is Your Home Right for a Traditional Garage Door?

Traditional garage doors are a great fit for most homes, but certainly not for all. If you have a modern or contemporary home, you may want to consider modern and contemporary garage door options. Or, if you own a historic style home in Bakersfield, CA, or elsewhere in Kern & Tulare County, you may want to opt for a carriage house-style door that evokes the long history that binds carriage houses and garages.

At King Door, we have all the options you could want as you consider whether or not traditional garage doors are right for your home.

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