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Can High-Speed Doors Be Customized to Meet Specific Requirements?

High-speed doors, otherwise known as high-performance doors, should meet the specific requirements of your business. That’s why you can get a customized high-speed door solution based on your doorway measurements, electrical requirements and other crucial data points listed below. Find out more about how you can customize your high-speed commercial door for your needs.

What Are High-Speed Doors?

What Are High-Speed Doors?

High-speed doors open and close quickly. The average speed of a high-performance door is 1 meter or 3.3 ft per second. They’re used in various industries, across industrial and commercial properties. You’d see them most commonly in manufacturing facilities, warehouses and food processing plants.

They’re built with high performance in mind, allowing for fast operations, frequent use and endurance in all environments. This is why high-speed doors are also referred to as high-performance doors. 

These doors come in various styles depending on their primary purpose and the needs of the facilities. For example, high-speed doors can come in different materials such as fabric, metal and rubber. Customizations also allow for fire-, wind- and smoke-rated doors.

What Information Is Necessary to Customize Your High-Speed Door?

To get the most suitable high-speed door for your unique needs, installers and manufacturers will need information such as:

  • The dimensions and installation space of your doorway: Knowing your doorway’s height, width and depth helps manufacturers fit the most suitable high-speed door for you. The measurements of the surrounding space of your doorway will determine the ideal positioning of necessary support structures for your door.
  • Usage requirements and conditions: Disclose how you plan to use the high-speed door and how frequently. This will help suppliers provide the most suitable model for your needs. You also want to get the right material for your door, so knowing the average temperature and humidity levels of the facility is important for getting material that can withstand the environment in which the door operates.
  • Power supply and wiring: Let your supplier know the power supply’s voltage requirements and the wiring’s location to ensure your high-speed door is appropriately connected and meets the electrical requirements for operation.

It’s also important to customize your door according to any special requirements, such as fire-proofing or static-proofing.

Get the Ideal High-Speed Commercial Door for Your Business at King Door Company, Inc.

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