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What Safety Features Should I Look for in High-Speed Doors?

When selecting the most efficient high-speed door for your business, safety features maximize secure operations and prevent accidents and injury. 

Safety systems to look for include operation alerting systems and anti-collision sensors. Learn more about these features to have in your high-performance door.

The Importance of Safety for High-Performance Doors

Having efficient safety features in your high-speed door can help facilitate smooth operation while minimizing injury and damage. 

When a high-speed door — also known as a high-performance door — is used frequently, being opened and closed hundreds of times daily, it can be easy to take operations for granted and neglect proper safety procedures. Adequate safety features can help prevent accidents such as:

  • Entrapment
  • Property and asset damage
  • Cross-traffic accidents
  • Contamination

Safety Features to Look for in High-Speed Doors

Depending on the nature of your facility, there are many more safety factors to note when choosing a high-performance door for your operations. Below is a list of safety features that address the common concerns in most industries.

  • Anti-collision sensors: Sensors that detect movement or the presence of objects under and around the door. Detection results in the door automatically stopping or reversing. Systems that accomplish this include safety light curtains and photo-eye sensors, which ensure a secure operation for all personnel. 
  • Activation sensors: These sensors allow the hands-free operation of high-speed doors, preventing accidents and maintaining traffic patterns for smooth operation. Touchless activation systems can come in various forms, such as wave-to-open systems or motion-detecting automatic doors.
  • Audio alert system: An audible alarm or pre-recorded message will play depending on the current operation of the high-speed door. This maximizes awareness to prevent traffic collisions.
  • Light signaling devices: These accomplish the same goal as the audio alert system, using lights to indicate the door’s current operation. Using both audio alerts and light signaling can maximize awareness and safety in the perimeter of the high-speed door. Signaling lights can come in various device types, such as traffic lights, strobe lights and rotating lights.

Browse Our High-Speed Doors With Advanced Safety Features

Browse Our High-Speed Doors With Advanced Safety Features

At King Door Company, Inc., we supply and install modern overhead high-performance doors that come with advanced safety features for injury prevention and asset protection, including safety reversing systems and photo-eye sensors. 

Explore our high-speed commercial door options for various industries, including cleanrooms, cold storage and pharmaceuticals. 

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