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Eco-Friendly Garage Doors in Kern County, CA

If you’re like a lot of folks in Bakersfield and Kern County, California, you’re trying your best to be a good steward of the environment — and that includes making your home as eco-friendly as possible. You recognize that going green helps to preserve our natural resources and make your home more energy-efficient. Installing Clopay® eco-friendly garage doors is one way you can contribute to a healthier environment and potentially save a lot of money on your utility bills.

What Are Environmentally Friendly Garage Doors?

Green garage doors now play a prominent role in the designing of new homes and when upgrading existing structures. They exhibit the following characteristics:

  • Structural integrity: The term “structural integrity” refers to an object’s ability to withstand weight and force without breaking. Clopay’s® eco-friendly garage doors are designed and built to handle extreme wind and other destructive forces. The result is a longer door lifespan, which conserves materials and resources by preventing the need for a premature replacement.
  • Material efficiency: Environmentally friendly garage doors like the ones made by Clopay® often consist of materials such as recycled wood fibers, scrap steel and polystyrene that perform just as well as new components.
  • Energy efficiency: Green garage doors typically contain insulation and weatherproofing to help maintain the garage at the ideal temperature throughout the year. A climate-controlled garage also prevents excessively warm or cold air from seeping into the home’s exterior.
  • Manufacturing efficiency: Clopay® eco-friendly doors are the product of efficient manufacturing processes that leave a smaller environmental footprint and comply with all relevant EPA guidelines.

Why Should You Consider Installing an Eco-Friendly Garage Door?

Installing a green garage door on your Kern County home can deliver a host of benefits:

  • Lower utility bills: Because green doors help to prevent heat gain and loss, your home’s HVAC system won’t have to work as hard. That translates to lower energy costs.
  • Reduced ownership costs: The quality and durability of today’s environmentally friendly garage doors make them easy to maintain and helps eliminate expensive repair bills. It also lengthens the time between door replacements.
  • Enhanced curb appeal: Eco-friendly doors come in a wide variety of beautiful styles and colors that will dramatically improve your home’s exterior appearance.

Why Choose Clopay® and King Door Company, Inc. for Green Garage Doors in Kern County?

King Door has been providing an assortment of eco-friendly home building products in Kern County since 1985. We’re proud to offer Clopay products, known as America’s No. 1 garage door. Eco-friendly Clopay garage doors come in numerous attractive styles to match any home’s exterior decor. As a Clopay authorized dealer, we can sell and install your door and provide expert maintenance and repair service for as long as you own it.

Get a Closer Look at Our Selection of Environmentally Friendly Garage Doors

We invite you to visit the fully appointed King Door showroom in Bakersfield for a closer look at our green garage door collection. You can also give us a call at 661-397-2744 or contact us online for more information.

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