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What Is the Best Type of Garage Door Opener to Buy?

If your garage door opener is outdated, not working or you’re looking for something better, there is a wide variety of new garage door openers to choose from. Whether you’re looking for one that is quieter or more reliable, you can find an option that works well for your home. Recent improvements in garage door opener function and technology are impressive. You can evaluate different brands, styles and features that interest you, match your lifestyle and fit your budget.

So what is the best garage door opener? This guide will show you the various features garage door openers offer and help you decide which type is best for you.

What to Know Before Buying a New Garage Door Opener

Before you decide on the type of garage door opener you want, you’ll want to analyze some details about your preferences and garage space:

1. Power Needs

It’s best to consider the size and weight of your garage door to determine how much horsepower your new garage door opener needs. Most garage door openers need at least 1/2 horsepower, but if your door is bigger or the garage is the main entrance to your home, you may need an opener with 3/4 horsepower to 1 horsepower. Higher power will help increase the speed of the opener, assist it in lifting heavier doors and last longer than the typical 1/2 horsepower motor. 

2. Safety Features

Installing an automatic garage door opener can make your life more convenient, but it can also raise some safety concerns. It’s important to regularly check safety features on a garage door opener to ensure they are working properly. 

Garage door openers are typically installed with lasers mounted on each side of the garage that will stop the garage door from moving once something crosses its path. Openers are also equipped with a feature that reverses the direction of the garage door if it hits something like a child. When looking for a new automatic garage door opener, check to see how well these safety features operate on the brand you’re considering.

3. Garage Door Height

Some garage doors are much taller than regular garage doors. Garage door extension kits help your garage door opener handle the operation of taller doors. Most garage door openers work with 7-foot garage doors. Check your door height to determine whether or not you’ll need an extension kit with your opener. 

4. Door Location

The location of your garage door impacts the type of garage door opener you should purchase. If your garage is close to bedrooms or your living room, it’s important to buy a garage door opener that is quiet to minimize disturbance.

5. Motor Types

Garage door openers have a DC powered motor.  The DC motor offers benefits, like reduced wear and tear on the door, smoother movements, top safety features and some include a backup battery for when the power goes out. 

Types of Garage Door Openers

All garage door openers have a motor that guides the carriage or trolley along a rail. The garage door is connected to the trolley, and the trolley pulls the garage door to open and close. But not all garage doors are manufactured with the same features. With belt drive, chain drive, screw drive and wall-mounted garage door openers, you can find features that fit perfectly with your garage.

Check out these four types of residential garage door openers for more information:

1. Belt Drive Garage Door Openers

A belt drive garage door opener is one of the more ideal options for your garage. Many homeowners purchase either a belt drive or chain drive opener. So, which garage door opener is better, chain or belt? The belt drive garage door opener uses a belt instead of a chain to move the garage door. The belt makes the opener operation quieter than a chain drive garage door opener. A belt drive garage door opener is a great purchase for garages that are attached to the home or close to bedrooms or living areas.

These openers are extremely durable and can handle most types of garage doors. Their strength also allows them to lift doors faster than chain drive garage door openers. A belt drive garage door opener is easy to install, requires little maintenance and is widely available. Belt drives tend to be a more pricey option as they are considered an upgrade from other garage door openers because of their features. Overall, belt drive garage door openers are long-lasting, so they can be the more economical decision.

2. Chain Drive Garage Door Openers

A chain drive garage door opener is the most common opener option homeowners use. The opener uses a chain to move the trolley to open and close the garage door. The best perk of a chain drive garage door opener is that it is an affordable option. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing how reliable a chain drive opener is.

This type of garage door opener is dependable, strong and durable if you properly maintain the chain. They operate effectively no matter what the humidity levels are, and they are widely available.

3. Wall-Mounted Garage Door Openers

Not all garage door openers are installed overhead. The wall-mounted garage door opener is an option for homeowners who have extra tall ceilings, cathedral-style ceilings or are looking for a different garage door opener option. This system is mounted on the wall to the side of the garage door, and this feature offers some intriguing benefits.

You may have more storage space in your garage with a wall-mounted garage door opener. Since it frees up the overhead space, you can stack boxes higher or install storage units on the ceiling to optimize your garage space. You also can increase the clearance height for vehicles.

A wall-mounted unit is easy to maintain because it doesn’t have a belt or chain you need to keep up. This option is also quieter because of the lack of belt or chain in the mechanism.

Wall-mounted units do have some limitations due to their unique function. Depending on the brand you purchase, you’ll need to ensure your door size meets the qualifications, your ceilings are an acceptable height, you have access to an outlet that meets the requirements and you have torsion springs on your garage door.

Which Brand of Garage Door Opener Is Best?

A quality garage door brand can make all the difference in your daily routine. A garage door opener that works properly and makes life at home more convenient will be worth it. 

LiftMaster, Chamberlain and Genie are some of the most popular garage door opener brands available. Check out the similarities and differences between these popular garage door brands and see which one is the best for your home:

LiftMaster Garage Door Openers

The industry leader is actually owned by, The Duchossois Group.

  • Price: Manufacturers designed LiftMaster to be a pro option for homeowners. Since it has advanced qualities and specs, the price will likely be higher than Chamberlain.
  • Rail system: LiftMaster has a durable trolley system that can handle heavier garage doors. The mechanism is reliant on only one part, and it’s made from heavy-duty steel. Because of the strength of the rail system, the LiftMaster can move bigger doors than the Chamberlain.
  • Security features: The LiftMaster garage door opener uses an infrared beam for security. Once a person or object passes through the beam, the door will stop and reverse direction. The garage door openers also include a warning system that lets you know when the garage door stays open or tries to close by itself. It has a lock system to ensure the garage door is secure when it’s closed.
  • Accessories: The LiftMaster garage door opener includes two remotes, motion sensors and a control panel. 
  • Warranty: LiftMaster provides a one-year to three-year warranty, depending on the product, and offers warranty service.

LiftMaster vs. Genie Garage Door Openers

LiftMaster and Genie are two companies that dominate the garage door opener industry. If you’re deciding between LiftMaster versus Genie, check out the differences between the two brands:

  • Price: The price of the two brands is fairly similar.
  • Security features: Genie and LiftMaster both offer security technology that changes the security code each time you use the system. But, LiftMaster also includes the PosiLock system, which secures the garage door and monitors if something tries to open the door.
  • Accessories: The Genie and LiftMaster brands both offer similar remote controls and wall panels, but LiftMaster models include a battery backup system to keep the unit active while the power is off.  Genie also offer battery backup
  • Warranty: The warranty options for both brands are similar between products. 

Choosing the Best Garage Door Opener for Your Needs

When you choose a garage door opener, you want a system that will work every time. Reliability is an essential factor for garage door openers, which makes LiftMaster an excellent option for your home. LiftMaster garage door openers are found in households across the country and deliver quality functionality. A LiftMaster opener has the speed, durability, noise level and features many homeowners are searching for. 

Contact King Door for LiftMaster Garage Door Openers Today

Finding a company that offers a quality selection of garage door openers will help make your search for a new opener simple. For the best selection of garage door openers, check out King Door Company. We offer products from trusted brands, like LiftMaster, for residential garage doors. We are proud to deliver excellent customer service and use our extensive knowledge to help make your garage convenient and efficient.

Your garage is an essential part of your home, and we’re ready to provide high-quality parts, products, service and maintenance to keep it in top shape. Contact us today to learn more about our LiftMaster products and services.


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