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6 Tips for Keeping Your Pet Safe Around Your Garage Door

Pets are a part of the family, which is why you’re crazy about keeping them safe — and as pet owners, we are too.

That’s why we’re sharing six tips to keep your pets safe around garage doors:

1. Protect Your Garage Door’s Components

Cats, as well as dogs, are notorious for their chewing habits. That’s why it’s vital that you protect any exposed components of your garage door, such as wiring. If you find that Mr. Fluffers went to town on your garage door’s automatic opener wiring, hold off on using your garage door and instead call a professional to inspect your door and complete any repairs.

2. Install Your Pet Door Away From Your Garage Door

For many homeowners, a pet door is a wonderful convenience. It lets your dogs come and go, providing them free access to your backyard, as well as gives your cats a bit of freedom. When it comes to garage doors and pet safety, however, it’s critical that you install your pet door away from your garage door. Use your garage’s entry door, for instance, or the door to your patio.

3. Know Your Pet’s Schedule and Favorite Spots

If your pets do use your garage as an escape, know where they go. This garage door pet safety tip often applies to cats more than dogs, as felines are more liable to sleep on your garage door when raised — but if your dog likes to lay where your garage door rests when its opened, keep track of this, too. Our best advice? Try to deter your pets from using your garage.

4. Enable Your Garage Door’s Automatic Sensors

A mandated feature on all garage doors is automatic sensors, which initiate the reversing mechanism. This mechanism stops your garage door from closing when something’s caught by the sensors, such as your cat’s or dog’s tail. Make sure you have your automatic sensor on and then test it. We recommend a roll of paper towels or toilet paper.

5. Schedule Your Garage Door’s Annual Maintenance

Another way to keep pets safe around garage doors is through preventative maintenance. Aim for a check-up once a year from your trusted garage door provider. They’ll inspect and test your door, as well as take care of any issues, such as a worn torsion spring or faulty automatic sensor. It’s tempting to skip your door’s annual maintenance, but when it comes to garage doors, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

6. Get Your Home a Quality Garage Door

Practicing garage door pet safety begins with a quality garage door. Visit King Door Company–your local garage door expert, talk to our staff, and learn about our practices. You want a garage door company that values not only your safety but that of your pets. Our approach reveals a lot about our company, as well as our practices. The result? A reliable, quality garage door that keeps you and your pets safe.

Trust King Door Company, Inc. for Pet-Approved Garage Doors

At King Door Company, Inc., we’ve provided the Bakersfield, CA community and surrounding area with honest, quality care and high-quality garage doors for more than 30 years. With an experienced team of representatives and technicians, we ensure you receive everything you need to keep your pets safe around your garage door, from preventative maintenance services to emergency care.

Learn more about our services by contacting us today!

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