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Can Smart Garage Door Openers be Hacked?

Smart technology has transformed our houses and how we live in them. A smart home offers owners a more convenient way of life, which is exceptionally important for those with busy lifestyles. 

Garage door openers use smart technology to control who can access your garage and when. With the simple push of a button, you can allow guests, delivery staff or repair professionals to enter your garage even if you are on the other side of the world. However, many homeowners’ concerns focus on safety rather than convenience. 

How Smart Garage Door Openers Work

A smart garage door opener uses a wireless internet connection and sensors to allow you to control the opening and closing of the garage door remotely. Smart garage door opener systems include a garage door motor, belt rails and a transmitter. You can also modernize your existing overhead door with add-on accessories that include controllers and sensors that must be compatible with your current garage door. 

Regardless of the option you choose, you can use an app or a website to control your garage door remote. 

How Safe Are Smart Garage Door Openers? 

The straightforward answer is that garage door openers, like any other technology, can be hacked, but having a smart garage door opener is much safer than not having one. With the right online security measures, a smart garage door opener is a secure and worthwhile investment. 

Virtually any online platform and any service that relies on wireless technology may be susceptible to hacking. Still, you can rest assured that taking the same safety steps you would with all your other vital online accounts will secure your garage and give you peace of mind. 

6 Ways to Keep Your Garage Door System Secure

Following these tips will help protect your accounts and your smart home: 

  1. Only connect to the smart garage app using a secure internet connection. 
  2. Choose a robust password for your app, and do not share it with anyone outside your immediate family. You should also change your password regularly. 
  3. Enable multi-factor authentication whenever you can. Such authentication requires a one-time password or code to access apps or verify commands, such as opening the garage.  
  4. Keep your apps and software updated. 
  5. Always review your privacy settings and ensure you understand the app or website’s privacy policies. 
  6. Opt for the most updated smart garage technology, which will be more immune to current hacking trends. It is also important to keep your garage doors and accessories updated to comply with state laws. In California, for example, you must have a battery backup for garage door openers, meaning an old garage door without a battery backup cannot be legally repaired. 

Benefits of King Door Company, Inc. Smart Garage Door Openers

Quality smart garage door openers, including the Liftmaster Smart range available through King Door Company, Inc., take safety up a notch. Most openers are fitted with force-detection technology that activates door reversal when the sensors pick up on suspicious activity. Smart devices can boost security against potential intruders and help prevent injury, making these openers an excellent choice for families. 

When you opt for quality Liftmaster Smart Garage Door Opener from King Door Company, Inc., you enjoy more advantages:

  • Quality service from passionate professionals who care about your convenience and safety
  • Installations, repairs and replacements performed by knowledgeable technicians who arrive in marked vehicles and dressed in uniform 
  • Fast response times and 24-hour emergency services

Trusted Garage Door Openers from King Door Company, Inc.

At King Door Company, we strive to meet your needs regarding the safety and convenience of your garage and home. Since 1985, we have emphasized providing our customers in California with exceptional products, parts and services. Our team offers commercial and residential garage doors and accessories and is the go-to source for reliable garage door installations and repairs in Bakersfield. 

Contact us today to speak to a friendly representative about our smart garage door openers or repairs and replacements. 

Trusted Garage Door Openers from King Door Company, Inc.

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