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How Do I Find the Manufacturer of My Garage Door?

How Do I Find the Manufacturer of My Garage Door?

Knowing your garage door model and brand is important for a few reasons, but most garage doors don’t have a logo or brand name right on the front. Once you know where to look, finding your garage door manufacturer and model number can help you:

  • Order parts.
  • Look up the owners manual to diagnose any problems you notice.
  • Determine the manufacturer to establish what maintenance the maker of your garage door recommends.
  • Find a service professional who has experience with your specific garage door.
  • Determine how old your garage door is and whether it’s time for an upgrade.
  • Track down information about your warranty.
  • Find out the measurements for weatherstripping.

How can I tell what brand my garage door is?

How Can I Tell What Brand My Garage Door Is?

There are a few places you’ll want to look if you’re unsure what garage door model you have:

  • The paperwork that came with your installation: If you had your garage door installed professionally, your overhead door model number location is as close as the paperwork you’ve signed. Your garage door type and model number should be listed.
  • The side edge of the panels between the track and the rollers: You may notice stickers containing manufacturer names, size, model number, safety information and other data on the side frames of your garage door.
  • The garage door itself: Some manufacturers or installers place stickers on the interior side of the garage door with information. For example, Clopay® garage doors often have model number stickers located on the lower left-hand or right-hand corner.
  • The hardware: Hinges and other hardware are sometimes stamped with the name of the garage door manufacturer. The hardware won’t give you the door’s model or serial number, but it may be enough to get you started in finding the parts you need for repairs.

Contact King Door Company Inc. to Learn More

Contact King Door Company, Inc. to Learn More

Are you still having trouble finding your Clopay garage door model number or even the manufacturer of your garage door? Take a photo and contact us for help. We can help you identify the model and perform any repairs you need. Since 1985, King Door has been helping homeowners in California with reliable garage door service and installation.

We’re the Clopay dealer of Kern County, so if you have a Clopay door, we can find parts and offer service. With the largest showroom in the area and genuine care for our community, King Door is your choice for all things garage doors.

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