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Keep Your Bakersfield, CA Home Safe with Security Shutters

Security Shutters for Homes in Bakersfield, CA

When you think of security shutters, you might think of the security gates or steel curtains retail centers pull down at the end of the day. While security shutters are widely installed for commercial purposes, they’re becoming more popular as a long-lasting, durable layer of home security.

Having an ineffective or weak home security system can lead to persistent safety concerns, damaged valuables and loss of irreplaceable personal items. Doors and windows with security shutters installed act as both an intimidating visual and sturdy physical deterrent to home intruders. By installing security shutters for your Bakersfield, CA home, you’re assured the most effective, dependable and lasting home security solution.

Keep Your Home Secure With Security Shutters

Security shutters for homes aren’t noisy, rusty or unattractive. They are manufactured from high-quality steel or anodized aluminum and are available in a wide range of design options and styles to complement your home’s exterior and meet your unique security needs. When you install security shutters for your Bakersfield home, you can expect one-of-a-kind security solutions as well as the following benefits:

  • Exceptional Burglar-Proof Security: When intruders are targeting a home, they’re looking for properties with poor security efforts and weak points for easy home access with minimal detection. Homes with security shutters not only look complicated to break into, but they’re nearly impossible to be tampered with — security shutters are an unbreakable layer of protection.
  • Quality Exterior Protection: Not only can home security shutters not be tampered with, but they also prevent vandalism and broken windows. Security shutters are crafted from durable metal materials that are sturdy as well as fire resistant. If a burglar attempted to break into your home by using fire to weaken your door and window structure, they’d find the effort useless since the security shutter would refuse to give. In addition to their exceptional reliability, security shutters are also useful daily devices and can shade your home and keep your indoor temperature comfortable.
  • Design Variety: Some homeowners may be hesitant to install security shutters for their home because of fear of decreased curb appeal, but security shutters are available in a wide variety of different color options. By blending your security shutters’ coloring into your home’s facade, they’ll integrate seamlessly into the exterior and won’t decrease your home’s aesthetic. When selecting a color for your security shutters, you’ll also have the option of choosing an operating mechanism that works best for your needs and expectations. Security shutters are available in pull-down, hand-crank and motorized options.

Choose King Door for Home Security Shutters in Bakersfield

At King Door Co., we’re dedicated to offering the most dependable, durable security shutters for homes throughout Bakersfield, CA. With our quality Clopay security shutters, you’re guaranteed lasting protection, resilient home security and peace of mind that your home will always be protected against unwanted intruders. We’re a locally owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience throughout the Bakersfield community, and we’re thrilled to provide affordable, personalized garage door solutions along with quality repair, installation and maintenance services.

Request your free service estimate or give us a call at 661-397-2744 to learn more about how security shutters can help protect your home.

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