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Why Is My Garage Door Making Noises?

Why is my garage door making noises?

Why Is My Garage Door Making Noises?

When garage doors are working correctly, it’s common for us to take them for granted. They open when we tell them to, close when we want and keep our cars and equipment at a comfortable temperature. It’s only when something goes wrong that we discover their importance.

One common issue is a garage door making loud noises. A well-installed overhead door without issues will be fairly quiet, but if it’s banging, rumbling or rattling, some problems could be present.

Here are some reasons your garage door could be making those noises and some effective ways to fix them. 

What causes a noise garage door?

What Causes a Noisy Garage Door?

One of the most challenging parts of dealing with a noisy garage door is identifying the source of the sound. If you’re unfamiliar with the door’s parts and structure, this process can be more involved. But there are some common problems that can explain why your garage door is so loud, and with a little knowledge, you might be able to figure out what your issue is. 

Loose Nuts and Bolts 

Your garage door comprises an extensive system of parts working together to power the mechanism and ensure its effectiveness. Sometimes, these parts might become loose and create that extra noise you’re hearing. Loose nuts and bolts can vibrate or cause screeching noises as the garage door opens and closes. 

Misaligned Tracks

A loud, rubbing or screeching garage door that’s having trouble opening and closing could result from misaligned tracks. Your door runs through these tracks, so if they are misaligned or become damaged somehow, they can pose a major problem to your door’s basic function. Check for any loose screws and parts that might be contributing to this issue. 

Poor Lubrication 

Another common cause of a loud garage door is poor lubrication. After a long time, worn parts of your garage door will start to rub and grind against each other, explaining why your door is so loud when it’s opening. Luckily, this is a fairly easy problem to fix.  Stop by King Door Company and purchase the best recommended lubricant for your garage door.  We are located at 7450 District Blvd. Bakersfield, CA 93313 or call 661-397-2744 

Lack of Balance 

Your garage door relies on adequate balance to open and close properly. If this balance is changed somehow, it can cause the door to malfunction and lead to loud banging or scraping noises. 

Old Age 

Your door might simply be old, resulting in odd noises due to normal wear and tear. You can often fix the symptoms of aging with minor repairs or lubrication, but if the noises are incessant and require constant maintenance, you might want to look at getting a replacement. 

Improper Installation 

If a garage door begins making noises right after you get it, this could be a problem associated with how it was installed. A new garage door should be relatively quiet, but if you’re hearing banging or screeching from the start, this usually is a sign that something went wrong while it was being put in. Contact the company that installed your door to see if they can fix it, or reach out to a trusted, reliable service that can identify the problem and take care of those noises. 

How to Quiet a Noisy Garage Door

If you’re able to identify the source of your garage door’s noises, you can start finding ways to solve the issue. Here are some common solutions to help you quiet your noisy garage door. 

Use Lubrication 

Poor lubrication is a common problem that can cause your door to make noise when opening. It’s common with older garage doors, as hardware can start to scrape. But this problem has a quick fix — you can lubricate roller extension-not rollers themselves, hinges and springs to combat rust and those annoying scraping noises. 

Make sure you’re being careful — extension springs are often under heavy tension and could snap if mishandled. Consult a professional garage service for lubrication to ensure your safety. Also, make sure you’re using the right lubricant for your garage door. 

Tighten Parts

If you identify some loose nuts and bolts, you can attempt to tighten these with a wrench. Be careful with this process as well — making them too tight could strip the screw holes. 

If you’re confident in tightening them yourself, this is a fairly quick minor repair that can effectively quiet your garage door. 

Make Repairs 

Some garage repairs might require more than just a simple turn of a wrench, and if the noise persists after lubrication and tightening, there could be a larger problem at work. Your garage door might need repairs or replacements in several areas:

  • Rollers: The guiding rails that allow your garage door to open and close are called rollers. If these become worn or damaged, they can cause loud grinding or screeching and trouble opening your door. If you notice your rollers are damaged, contact a door company to get them replaced by a professional or stop their location and purchase them and install them yourself. 
  • Springs: Garage doors use either extension or torsion springs to harness the power needed to open and close. If you notice that a spring is broken or damaged, it could be a potentially dangerous situation. To be on the safe side, always consult with a professional to get your springs replaced or repaired.
  • Hinges: Garage door hinges are durable but sometimes may need repairs. You should try lubricating the hinges first, but if the noise doesn’t go away, you may need replacements.
  • Chain: Your garage door chain system may need lubrication or could be loose. While you can lubricate it on your own, tightening the chain may warrant a service call. 

If your garage door makes a loud noise when it’s opening, the problem may fall under one of these repairs. With the more major repairs listed here, it’s better to lean on the side of caution and find a trusted service to perform the job.

Schedule Regular Maintenance 

Regular, scheduled maintenance can help you get ahead of potential problems before they happen. Instead of waking up one day to a screeching garage door, ensure you have a company on hand that can regularly check on the state of your door and keep it working effectively and quietly. 

Find a Professional Service

When your garage door starts getting loud when closing, you know you need service. Sometimes one of the most challenging aspects is finding a professional garage door business you can trust if you don’t already have one. Luckily, King Door Company, Inc. has just the service you need. 

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